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    Thanks Papa. I've been tracking Gold Dot, which hasn't reappeared in 32 yet so this is an option. I have several hundred GD now but want a lot more for whoever ends up with this when I'm gone.

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    Gold Dot and PMC both work well in mine. I just found a semi-local shop with Buffalo Bore in stock so tomorrow we will see if that flies as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MesserMan View Post
    Just picked me up a Seecamp .32. I know the pistol is designed specifically around JHP ammo to prevent rim-lock. Given that, what does the tribe carry or trust in their Seecamps? Im primarily concerned about achieving sufficient penetration.
    If penetration is your main concern, I would look at Fiocchi ball ammo. .32s do not expand well in any ballistic test I have been able to find. The only rounds that penetrate even near 13 in ballistic gel are ball. But you need a flat tipped ball to shoot in the seecamp. I realize that gel tests are not real life but if a round wont penetrate and wont expand in a perfect medium what makes some people believe they will be magical in a human body?

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    No one seriously expects significant expansion. As for penetration, the Seecamp is an eyeball socket/under the chin gun. Buffalo Bore will likely get you inside at longer distances, but at contact distances anything on the short list should do fine.
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