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There is quite a bit more to picking locks than people realize. Most residential locks are easy to pick. Many pad locks, even more expensive ones, can just be shimmed. They don't even need to be picked.

Where the skill comes in, is when you're trying to open more advanced locks, say, one with mushroom style pins. You aren't going to successfully rake a lock like that.

As far as penetrating security goes, its useful to look at a location in layers, as there are very few secure locations that are secured only externally. If the book doesn't even mention these things, its not a very thorough book.

In an emergency? A 10# sledge, a bolt cutter, and a crowbar are about as effective as anything else. If all you're concerned with are emergency situations, just carry those items in your vehicle and drive one.
A sledge and a Fubar go a long way to meeting interesting people.

Yep, every year we get together and do a walkthrough and table top with the School admin and superintendent reference to emergencies. First time I told them that while having key card access was nice, my guys will be running over fences and blasting exterior doors he about fainted. Had to explain that you want the little chicks to get OUT of the coop the fox is in. After the table top he understood better ( along with 100% of student accountability being a pipe dream for at least 24 hours) . That was several years ago.

Now there is a new Super from elsewhere, we will see how the next one goes, on the upside they still want us to come a couple times a year and teach CRASE and stop the bleed to all staff (now a state requirement) and are expanding it to high school kids with parental permission. Maybe we will get to influence young meateaters again.