I have some interest in #1, but all I have actually seen for sale was Federal Flite Control, which I have no interest in. In my testing, flight control did not open up until roughly 25 yards. If I want something that behaves like a slug, then I will just use slugs. I WANT a pattern that opens in a reasonable and consistent pattern at close range.

I can see the flight control stuff in niche applications but that gets too niche for my purposes.

If it has a stock, I use 00.

If it’s a PGO, I generally use #4. PGOs benefit from lower recoil. 00 isn’t better if it’s harder to shoot. I do have some low recoil 00 that isn’t bad, but #4 is still faster, easier and more comfortable to shoot. At the ranges I anticipate using a PGO, #4 is going to be just fine for bad guys. That it is less likely to do damage to unintended targets is not a bad thing.