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    Quote Originally Posted by BillyOblivion View Post
    No, they should re-rig for parcels. Buy bigger vehicles etc. Learn to compete in the market.

    Correspondence is down to junk mail and tax documents...if there's a difference. No money in that.
    That's fine, but until then...stick to paper. Everything is fine in the system until they touch it. They are outside their lane and need to realize that until they put themselves in a better position to do so.
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    USPS is the most reasonable price wise to send a package. I have not had any problems with them.

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    Default Observation: UPS

    At 2 large outlet malls adjacent to each other UPS pulled the regular "brown" truck of their main delivery man and gave him a smaller leased box truck.When I questioned him about it his answer was decreased volume on his main outlet mall route and a huge increase in volume SFR,Subdivisions,Apartments,Condos.
    They guy is hating life as he adapts and attempts to better organize the leased vehicle.
    Many are able, few are willing .

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    Quote Originally Posted by NV28 View Post
    Good thread.
    Good to read about real time on the ground observations of myopic operating procedures/decisions by individuals and business.

    My 2 cents......I spend time around "upscale clothing/accessory retailers" and the corporate mentality/polices of fully embarrassing the media .gov Rona fear is staggering...they have happily committed themselves to a slow downward spiral toward bankruptcy or .gov subsidies.......

    And of course positive news/observations from tribe members about overcoming and adapting...even better.

    From the outside it seems like USPS acts like an entitled liberal "Why get better? Just wait for handouts from uncle joe" and I think UPS might be going that way due to their contract with Amazon (IE when Colt had .gov contracts and didn't care about civilian sales). FedEx seems acceptable...

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