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    I’ve had numerous SCAR’s and M14’s. I’d say Gabe is right on the AR10 platform. If it was me, I’d offer a 16” barrel with a regular birdcage style FH. I’d leave the BUIS and stock off as people are going to customize that anyway. I’d put a Geisselle trigger in it. I’d skip the slip ring and put an mlok compatible free float hand guard on it. The barrel would be the best one I could get.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorkface View Post
    Names that have popped into my head: The Ulfberht, Leadcutter or Bowie.

    I nominate 'Hrunting was a sword given to Beowulf by Unferth ' or simply call it beowulf.

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    The pistol version could be called the Flammenwerfer. Cause it’s gonna we’re some flammen.

    Or we could not worry about cursive names and concentrate on design parameters and let Gabe cone up with a name and how to market it. He seems pretty good at that.
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    Will complete 308 uppers be available too? I have a couple completed Aero Precision M5 lowers waiting on uppers. I squirreled these away when we went through the last stupidity.

    I do have interest in both 16" and 12.5", with free float handguards and adjustable gas blocks. I've built my own LR25/DPMS pattern weapons in the past and getting the correct parts match so that the gun will run properly can be a royal pain. Every mfg seems to have their own particular parts spec's; it's definitely not like a milspec AR15 build.

    BTW, Ballistic Advantage makes the barrels for Aero Precision (AP owns BA). Their barrels are ok (I have a couple), but Criterion would be a much better choice.
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    I would also echo the suggestion a Geissele SSA. Even my .300 AR pistol has one lol.

    At a minimum the barrel needs to be threaded. Since most will opt for their own flash hider what about the option of just a thread protector? That way direct thread people will be happy as will people with all manner of QD needs for cans and if someone doesn't have a can adding a muzzle device is cake.

    Grips: What would the parts kit come with? Everyone has their own pet grip and if the parts kits came with something like a basic Magpul MOE then all the better.

    Butt stock for a 16"+ : Either a CTR or an ACS. Good general use stocks and anything beyond that starts to pigeon hole its use.

    Handgaurd: Something only slightly shorter than the length of the barrel with a rail on top and free floated. It gives more places to grab it and to rest it on things. And the solid top rail allows for all manner of accessories and helps mitigate mirage when used with optics.
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    I kinda like the name "The Watchman" as it was used in the book of Ezekiel.
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    There is a manufacturer that makes a small frame 308 pistol/other that comes in just over 6lbs. Receivers and bolt are proprietary but there is a lot of variety in 308 already so not sure if it’s that much of a downside.

    Topped with a 1-6/8 there isn’t much it can’t do. I shot one at closer range but never took it out to distance.

    There is another manufacturer that makes a lightweight “normal” size receiver set that comes in at 16oz.
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    (YAY ger)

    Only with the umlaut.
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    I see anything proprietary as a detractor.

    If we call it the Yeager will it be engraved with crude prison tats and sound like a bombastic ass every time the trigger is pulled?
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    Quote Originally Posted by LawDog View Post
    .308 or 6.5CM. There aren't many good rifle cartridge options for a sub-16" barrel. I think .308 wins by a handy margin when going short,
    Role, Niche, Envelope, right?

    If our envelope includes "MOA out to 300 yards" (which given modern rifles is a pretty low bar for this crowd), and chest on coast deer out to 500 then we don't really get into the ranges where the 6.5CM really starts to shine.

    It's a great round, but given the rough niche/role outlined, the way the future seems to be shaping up, and the current market, .308 is probably the right caliber for this.

    I'm not knocking the 6.5 Creedmore. Everything I've read about it says it's a good caliber, but there's just so much *more* in .308. You can get (relatively) inexpensive stuff for running live drills (or you could in normal times), you can get all manner of weights and bullet designs from highly frangible to full metal jacket to AP and back again.

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