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Thread: Snake shot....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Travlin View Post
    Well, the land deal is done. After spending a day out digging around its early for snakes.but i found 2 springs feeding creeks on the land.
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    I need to set a trail cam and figure out who's squatting on my land.
    Sorry for the rotatation. I cant get it to set correctly.
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    The builder is set to break ground in 2 weeks and dried in by fall.
    Cool old cellar hole. Any idea how old it is?

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    In talking to a neighbor who's family has been there for generations, he doesn't know who lived there in the past.

    The pipe sticking through the wall is actually an axle tube off of a model T/A I think. It has the mounting flange on the other side of the wall.

    Eventually I will pack the holes in the corners to stabilize it so its around for a while, it's pretty cool. If I get bored I might put a roof back on it with wood of the lot.

    We rode the bikes down there this weekend. The survey is done and a logger working an adjacent property is going to pull the pine off the top of the property where the house will be. The driveway and house will be marked off this week and we need to go back down next weekend to give the blessing to start digging.

    The price on lumber right now causing some rethinking of the schedule but there is a lot of ground work to be done before that comes into play.

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    I got news this week the dirt work is done.
    The well is set to be punched and septic tank being delivered in the next couple of weeks. There should be base gravel down next week.

    I am hoping to have a slab with everything else done by deep summer and ready for the sticks to be started. Providing lumber prices start to straighten out.

    When I was walking the place with my builder I pointed out the foundation and told him it doesnt get touched while the dirt work was being done. Based on several things he knows as a local he thinks it was a civil war sentry post for a forge. He was going to hook up with a couple of old timers to get the history of it.

    I think I am ready to be done already.
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    OT, but if lumber gets too high, cord wood or stack rock construction are affordable, nice looking and tend to blend with the scenery very well. Pretty thermal efficient too. just saying.

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