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    Not many left that haven't been butchered. If I were going to shoot this regularly I would remove the running gear and grips and store them, replace them with identical "shooters" and a later OEM factory throated barrel.

    Load it up with standard pressure hardball or 200 gr hard cast SWC and fire up the wayback machine.
    Yeah on my WW1 1911 I swapped the "original" spring with a modern one and labeled it. Everything else is original, but no true idea on the spring.
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    Just a little update on this vintage piece....

    Picked it up this last weekend and took it out for a little test drive. First it got a quick cleaning before a few mags of Winchester White Box .45AARP were ran through it flawlessly. My uncle who really wanted it, yet has a lengthy record told me it was a gift from my grandmother and she paid around $50 for it back around 1953 or 1954. Serial number dates it to 1953, so that seems to line up. Also recently got the original box and paperwork that came with it, although the box is jacked up and the paperwork is soaked in gun oil.




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