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Thread: RMR issue

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    Default RMR issue

    Hope someone here can help with this.The dot on my recently installed RMR01 has substantial blurring around the peripheral of the dot itself. As soon as i clean the emitter it becomes sharp,and as i watch it ,within 30 seconds it blurrs again. Clearly the emitter and glass aren't getting dirty in 30 seconds and i am not altering the ambient lighting. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Just kidding. Kind of. Eyes tend to lose perfect focus quickly. I generally see a slightly blurred dot, due no doubt to astigmatism.
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    Papa has the answer. It’s more likely your eyes than the gear. Blink a few times and recheck.

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    I also have the same issue with the dot blurring or doubling.

    Look at the dot with one eye. If you have an astigmatism in one eye, one will be clear and one won't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam Spade View Post
    Papa has the answer. Itís more likely your eyes than the gear. Blink a few times and recheck.
    I would agree if I didn't have an older rmr01 on a g34 and a holosun 507c that are both crisp

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    sounds like you need to contact Trijicon then.
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