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    Default Finally had to change out my RMR battery

    FWIW, I purposely did not change out my RM06 battery until it died last week. Took just under five years for it to fade to darkness. Brightness was set at mid-position about half the time, automatic the rest of the time, which no doubt contributed to saving battery life. I only occasionally carried the gun (a gen 4 G19, my first Suarez-milled weapon), as it spent most of its time in my bag as back up to the RMR'd G43 I carry daily. I'd check it every few days and it finally went dark last week. Pulled off the optic, installed new battery, lined up the dot to my irons, bolted it down and confirmed zero at the range.

    FWIW #2, this is a Type 1 optic, but I have the anti-flicker plate and never have had any flickering issues, anyway. I know many don't care for the auto brightness feature, but it works for me. I also have an all automatic RM01 (on the above-mentioned G43) and the dot is always as I need it.

    FWIW #3, yes, it's not the smartest thing, conducting an experiment on a weapon that might be needed "for reals" as the kids say today. I knew the risk, of course. After seeing what I'm dealing with I'm changing out all of my RMR and Holosun batteries every odd year regardless of whether they need it. I did this little experiment partly out of curiosity, but with a focus on reliability. It never was about saving money on batteries -- they're very affordable, so why not change them out?
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    Wish I could claim it was part of a testing process. I noticed today that the XO's DP, mounted on a G19, was down. Checking my SI account, the slide was purchased in 2017. Pretty sure that battery was never changed.

    Even if your red dot is equipped with a motion sensor, change the damned battery once a year.
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