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    Quote Originally Posted by jlwilliams View Post
    They are taking the witch hunt to the military. The new Sec Def is ordering a st and down. I'm not clear on the duration or what the hell the "stand down" really means but what is clear is that he's ordering all branches to stop everything to "address right wing extremism" in the services.

    I'm having trouble cutting links with this device. Search "military stand down extremism" and there are pages of articles.
    This would be a good time for the patriots in the military to invoke their “disinformation plan”. That is to lie and tell the commies what they want to hear.

    In my dreams, there are a good amount of SF mixed in with the capital guards. Looking like and behaving like the NG. Waiting for orders to arrest the commie leaders and put the patriots in command. Then the military defends the constitution and brings the commies to tribunals. One can still dream...

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    "Men of Harlech, stop your dreaming
    Can't you see their spearpoints gleaming..."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    As an aside...for the DHS eavesdroppers, I have no intention of getting involved in any of fuckery and my only loyalty at this point is to wealth building, so I will thank you to fuck off.


    I wonder what the Brits would have said of Mr. Washington and the Continental Army if they were in power today and playing the part of Biden and his peeps.

    Would they be called DVEs?
    I agree with your sentiments and have focused on that myself, and encouraged others in my tribe to do the same. Pirates have always lived pretty well, even in tough times, since participation in fuckery is not generally correlated to wealth building.
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    An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.
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    During his terms, Obama allowed 350,000 people from Syria and Iran to enter America with little or NO background checks. FBI and DHS have published statements saying that they don’t know where many of these people are. If only 10% of these are terrorists, then that would be 35,000 terrorists. There could be many more. Ice and the border patrol have published statements saying that there have been many coming across our border with Mexico for years. Those applying for educational visa’s have very poor background checks and DHS has also mentioned that they don’t know where many of these people are either. Most universities have a Muslim population, here in Montana there are universities in Billings, Bozeman, Butte, Missoula. A few years ago, The FEDS captured a car, a sedan, coming in to the USA at Vancouver and the trunk was stacked full of C-4 explosives. What about the ones they didn’t find?

    The FEDS raided a mosque in either Michigan or Wisconsin, I forget which, and confiscated 200+ long arms and some ammo cans of ammo. What might they find in other mosques?
    Now, most of these Muslims that come to America are GOOD people, but the problem is that how can we tell who is or who isn’t until they do something terrible.
    The bad ones, they are here, They are training, acquiring equipment and preparing. They are evil but they are NOT stupid! They are getting better at what they do.
    They are preparing for that "Day" when in an organized manner, they do their best to burn America down!

    I have prayed a lot for the salvation of these Moslem people that have infiltrated our Country but it is realistic that some won’t be saved and will continue to serve the devil.

    Our local law enf dept does not have a proactive plan. Without some preventive plan, all we will be able to do is clean up the mess and mourn our murdered loved ones after it is all over.

    “WE NEED A PLAN!!”

    Right now our only available response will be from discretely armed citizens that are present when something bad happens. In church, in Walmart, in a school, movie theater, anywhere there is a gathering.

    The devil is crafty and evil and is determined to

    destroy America. With prayers AND weapons, we need to be prepared.

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    Sanctuary Cities.

    Anyone remember this?

    The agency you mention and one that starts with an F are finding training, arming, and covering up 'incidents' for them too.

    Let that sink in.. we are going to see some serious sh*t in our lifetime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raphael1 View Post
    Now, most of these Muslims that come to America are GOOD people,
    I would say that most of them aren't *bad* people, or at least no worse than the assholes we already have here.

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    Default DHS issues terrorism bulletin

    Quote Originally Posted by bgarbled View Post
    Sanctuary Cities.

    Anyone remember this?

    The agency you mention and one that starts with an F are finding training, arming, and covering up 'incidents' for them too.
    Whoops - forgot this link in my orig post..

    "Siraj Ibn Wahhaj was allegedly training children to commit school shootings, according to prosecutors, who later alleged that the juveniles were taught how to use firearms, as well as tactical techniques, in order to kill teachers, law enforcement and other institutions they found corrupt."

    All. charges. dropped.

    These are the stories that make the papers because too many people knew about it.

    Imagine all the 'incidents', training camps and vans full of C4 that don't..
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