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    Women seem to have more control in church’s every year. I am guessing that has something to do with it.

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    Don’t have links handy right now, but web search “feminization of religion.” There’s been some interesting writing on the topic.

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    Thanks for the article. This mirrors my own experience with the churches in my area. Many I've visited had the similar doctrine of forgive, turn blindly, let your enemies kick you down and again while you're down, rinse and repeat and don't forget to give church $$ for this wonderful advice to practice the rest of the work week. I want "gentlemen killers" among the flock, who has the mindset, skill, precision, and physical ability to go from civil to ferocious medieval. Religious background growing up was both Buddhist and Baptist. My mother, a Buddhist, always told me that God listens regardless of where I am at. These words carries a deeper meaning for me as time goes on.

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