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    Default Dark Alley Comp Question

    I have purchased the Dark Alley Comp in NP3. On my threaded barrel, the Comp when fully tightened has the ports unaligned for 12o'clock. The port is about a 1/4 turn off being centered. Can I get a recommendation for what I can use to tighten the comp down that will hold it in position? Are silicon rings available that will allow me to tighten the comp down? Are there brands recommended? Thanks

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    Do you have an O-ring on the barrel? That should allow it to index correctly while also keeping everything tight. I use O rings I got from Home Depot. Never had any problems from heat and a pack of them are pretty cheap anyway.
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    I used an o ring and tightened it down with my manly fingers
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    Same: o ring that I thought came with the comp but might be from a Harbor freight o ring kit.

    When tightened fully by hand, if I can't turn it to be oriented with port up, I sometimes insert a thin Allen key in the comp to use as a lever to orient it, usually 1/4 turn or less.

    Of course I'm not sure it matters all that much. There are three slots. Even if one isn't perfectly aligned upward plenty of gas is going to be directed up overall imo.

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    Lightbulb Latest Dark Alleys and the low shoulder o-rings

    The single port comps have been out for a while. Unless you are supremely lucky you won't be able to tighten it all the way. I use the low shoulder o-rings found on the Dark Alley page to time it and so far it has stayed in place.

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