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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Anthony View Post
    Renaissance Periodization is the name of the company.
    Ah. Thanks.

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    There are three different things that are all called "Intermittent Fasting":

    1. Time restricted feeding. This is where you pick a 4 to 8 hour window of the day and ONLY eat during that period. Some people do not consider this "fasting". Others do. I think it's better to call it 'time restricted eating" as it makes it clear what it is and is not.
    2. Eating once a day. Some people will do a 24 hour fast once or twice a week. Some people think this is the extreme edge of "time restricted feeding". Others think it's the leading edge of actual fasting.
    3. Over 24 hour fasting on some sort of periodization. Some people will do a 24 to 36 hour fast once a week, some will do a 3 or 4 day fast once a month. One doctor (Peter Attia) would do a 7 day fast once a quarter.

    I've done the "24 hour fast once a week" and was working on extending my fasts out to 72 hours when it got cold, and then the holidays hit.

    I seem to have problems with temperature regulation when I get to a certain point, and it's just not worth it for me at this time. I'll probably start again in March or April depending.

    You will not do any damage--short or long term--to your metabolism by fasting. There is quite a bit of evidence to the contrary--that you will actually *HELP* your metabolism by doing so, if you're actually "fasting".

    There are many reasons one may fast. We will leave aside the religious as that's not something I can speak to, nor am I particularly interested in.

    The first is straight up caloric restriction. This is the most common reason Westerners will fast. By either time restricting or not eating for some length of time, one can manage calories.

    Other than assisting with maintaining a persistent caloric balance, fasting has some rather large impacts that are beneficial, ranging from helping to maintain insulin sensitivity, to inducing cellular autophagy. However for most of *these* benefits you have to completely (or very nearly completely) deplete the livers stores of glycogen, which is usually more than 24 hours without eating.

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    I am not a my opinion here is based off of a lot of personal research, deduction, and belief.

    Like the post above says, and Iím not going to restate what was steady said well, fasting does not harm your metabolic profile. I believe that that is an enduring myth. See the author Brad Pilon for more.

    I think fasting has other benefits. It simplifies my day to day....Iím not constantly making food based choices. I know when I eat and when I donít. I like attaining the state of equilibrium where I feel clear headed, light, and energetic that comes with a good fast period. If you are attempting to shed weight, it is one way to provide structure and accountability. It is a way. The hardest part about fasting, I have found, is explaining to people why you are doing it. People like to offer unsolicited advice on things they donít understand. So I skip that part and donít talk about it. Itís not an easy button in the sense that you still have to maintain control over your food choices, both quantity and quality. Itís not a shortcut around training. But people donít come here looking for shortcuts. Some people may not be physiologically suited for various fasting schedules. But you canít know that unless you actually try. I think many people half ass it without conducting proper diligence beforehand. Not worth listening to those opinions, in my opinion.

    And for some people, itís unnecessary, so why do it to begin with. I think a lot of static around fasting is the product of the low IQ, black and white mentality very common amongst the common.
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