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    Quote Originally Posted by georgeib View Post
    Okay, although I consider the risk minor because it would take quite a bit for something to snake in there and actuate the trigger, it's still a possibility. I can see that it bothers you, and if you're like me, that's going to be a thorn in your side. Just go ahead and order a holster that's specifically designed for that pistol and light, not a "one size fits many." Tier 1 holsters is gtg, and I hear good things about T Rex Arms holsters too.
    Youíre right about the ďthorn in my sideĒ thing. Itís something small that I know is going to constantly be at the back of my mind whenever Iím using it. Iím going to give it a chance, and carry it on some woods walks with an empty chamber for a while. I may or may not go with something from T-Rex or G-Code, and Iíll be checking out Tier 1 as well. Thanks for that suggestion.
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    When I was working in law enforcement I carried a 1911( I know I know) with a X300U in a Safariland holster similar to that, I don't remember the model number. Same issue, although with that gun and a manual safety I never really worried about it.

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    Default Safariland 6354DO... WTF?

    Raising this thread in case others have problems with the 6354DO

    Same issue. My Suarez 17 cut slide with RMR will work with an x300 but not a TLR1. My 19 with Suarez slide and holosun has trouble fitting regardless of light. Also the serrations seem to be tearing up the mechanism.

    17 works with either TLR or red dot (either holosun or RMR) separately but not together.

    Will likely need to cut the ALS mechanism thing to make it fit.
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    Try a hair dryer first. Soften and mold it as you see fit. The old school SL tac holsters needed fitting. Hell I even have one for a 45 long slide with a light that I've moved. STOP cutting and start molding
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    I know that I had to cut and grind on mine to make things fit, but it's been so long that I don't remember exactly where and why. I've grown accustomed to having to modify gear to make it work. Doing some DIY stuff will make you more comfortable when you pull out the Dremel or heat gun. And with expensive gear, it may be worth calling the manufacturer first to ask, "Should I send this back or try to fix it myself?" If they give you the go ahead, then that should take carry of any warranty objection they might otherwise have.
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    Safarilands website is aids. I have the same holster and had to modify it for a 17 with extended threaded barrel. But no issues with a surefire X300. Yeah for what they cost you shouldn’t have to do shit, just use them.

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    3 of us at HQ use this holster, i had to mold mine a little bit with a heat gun for my TLR1, but other than that, no big deal

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    Thanks all for the suggestions. For those that used heat, was there a specific area that you focused on? Was it the light section pocket, or the area that presses on the frame. Do I need to cover the pistol with anything before putting it in the hot holster?

    I got the 6354do as it seemed to be better than the 6390rds but with the mods, Iím not sure that itís worth it.

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