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    Oct 2003
    The Lord God has blessed me far beyond the petty things of the world. And it’s proper that there’s a specific day to focus on that beyond the others.

    I have my faith, and my soul, and a righteous fight in front of me. Ain’t life grand?

    "To spit on your hands and lower the pike; to stand fast over the body of Leonidas the King; to be rear guard at Kunu-Ri; to stand and be still to the Birkenhead Drill; these are not rational acts. They are often merely necessary." Pournelle

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    Western WA
    Thankful for my wonderful family, for my great friends. Thankful for the Lord, without whom none of this would make sense, nor have any point, nor even exist. Thankful for the idea of America, what it once was, and God willing what it can be again.

    And of course thankful for my brothers on this forum. It’s like a second home.
    Brent Yamamoto
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    I have had a some brutal events happen this year. I have also been fortunate enough to have a few good things happen too. Not going to stop me though.
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    Thankful for salvation through Jesus that can not be taken away by man nor government.

    Thankful to be out of California as of 2 weeks ago.

    Thankful for a family willing to dream with me as we start our new life on a 60 acre farm.

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    My events this year were beyond belief.

    I survived almost dying from Covid and 73 days in the hospital.

    I am just thankful to be alive and for my friends who helped me through it all.
    I carry two kinds of trauma kits. One for fixing it and one for causing it.

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    Jun 2013
    A communist state north of the Potomac.
    Every day that we are vertical is a good day.

    I'm thankful that my eternal destiny is secure in Jesus Christ. I can live freely and not stress out about the troubles of this world because it is not my world.

    I'm grateful to Gabe and WT for a forum where like minded people can communicate.

    I'm thankful to be able to live in America, where one can go from the outhouse to the penthouse in 1 generation, a country that many still want to come despite the efforts of the Communists within.

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    I've had a great year, despite the covid nonsense. Had 34 people at the house and a fuckton of cars down both driveways, even had some of wifes' family over that I don't really like. Why? more people over to say fuck you to any .gov covid restrictions.

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    I am thankful for the gifts of God. Besides the basics of life, health, knowledge, love, this year I am thankful Jesus gives me the ability to know truth from lies.

    You alone are to be feared. Who can stand before you when you are angry? From Heaven you pronounce your Judgement, and the land feared and was quiet when you, O God, rose up to Judge, to save all the afflicted of the land.

    Psalm 76:7-9

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    I confess to my brothers that I have been a bit sour these last couple of weeks. I expected more from America since the China Flu Spring. I expected more from America through the fearful sacrifice of freedom that was 2020. And I expected more from America on election day...where I felt as betrayed as the man that falls in love with a stupid suicidal whore. Knowing that she will never be his alone and that she will inevitably kill herself no matter his noble efforts to save her.

    So today, after a good amount of eating...and drinking...and a few other things...

    I am thankful for my partner in crime, who not only knows where the bodies are buried...but helped to bury them. My wife The Shield Maiden.
    I am thankful for my Junior Staff that amaze every day with their brilliance, and focus, and excellence.
    I am thankful that my parents ripped us out of the clutches of communism, and allowed us to know what freedom truly is.
    I am thankful for my seething hatred of everything communist, knowing better than many what its true goals are, and its effects on humanity.
    I am thankful for my brothers in arms...with whom I will either enjoy telling lies in our dotage...or with whom I will be buried after some noble battle yet to be known.

    But most of all I am thankful for a clear and analytical mind that can study and research and decide for itself what is truth and what is bullshit. A mind that I do not have a monopoly on, but one which we all share. A free mind, unafraid, defiant, and uncaring about belonging to the fearful and submissive collective.

    We happy fucking few. We band of motherfuckers. Whatever surprises 2021 will bring, we will grab it by the balls and make it do our will above or below board. The black is hoisted once where to sail is the only question.
    Gabriel Suarez

    Turning Lambs into Lions Since 1995

    Suarez International USA Headquarters

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    Hear, hear, Gabe! Well said!

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