Practical Application of Medical Skills in a Team Environment. Shoot, Move ,Communicate and Plug Holes !

General comments
Lessons learned from hands-on practice
  • The need to practice deploying and using tourniquets
  • For tourniquets and other first aid equipment carry location and method matters -- a lot
  • Not all tourniquets are created equal -- many on the market are bloody useless
  • Stay away from cheap imitations
  • You can stay in the fight with a tourniquet on, cinched down real-world tight

Personal notes:
  • Fitness counts. I stepped up my fitness routine a few months back, and those extra sprints paid off
  • More dry fire practice -- I've been slacking off, and it showed
  • More off-hand practice -- I've been slacking off, and it showed

I have taken classes teaching some of the same material that we covered in this class. I paid as much, or more, for those classes, and learned a great deal less.