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    Brent Yamamoto
    Suarez International Tier 1 Staff Instructor

    Ready, willing, able. Bring it.

    Instagram: karate_at_1200fps

    Upcoming classes:

    Pistol Groundfighting, Texas

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    Northern California
    If I lived up there, I’d be there!

    Any opportunity to train with you is worth the time.

    Complete Pistol Gunfighter
    Force on Force
    Killing within the Law
    Pistol Groundfighting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Yamamoto View Post
    I am keeping this class on the schedule.

    I donít care what the Crown says.
    Just lock the doors and put out the door mat.

    Virtute et Armis

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    Banned martial arts.

    Could never happen.
    Warrior for the working day.

    Es una cosa muy seria. --Robert Capa

    "...I rode the range in a Ford V8...Yippy Yi Yo Ki Yay." --Johnny Mercer (as modified)

    "What cannot be remedied must be endured."

    Vale et omnia quae.


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    Dry shooting practice seems to be quite wise and so is having courses so set up the smart thing to do.

    The covid thing will pass a lot sooner one way or the other than what is now the ammo crisis. Vista outdoors that includes: Federal Premium, CamelBak, Bushnell, Camp Chef, Remington, Primos, Blackhawk, Bell, Giro, Bushnell Golf, Primos, Eagle, RCBS, CCI, Speer and many others., is said to have a billion dollars in back-orders that will take them a year to fill. Some pessimistically saying 4-8 yrs to get back to normal pricing that I kind of doubt and assuming Creepy Joe does not do more to make it worst.
    i have what I thought was a lot of training ammo, but not for 4-8 years worth if that ever became reality.
    And through this all 7.62x39 is still in stock at SGA. but getting toward the bottom of the barrel with 1000 Round Case - Russian 7.62x39 124 Grain FMJ BT - CORROSIVE PRIMER - Factory Remanufactured by Vympel . being available suggesting that the russian sources are getting low in what they have for sale.
    My ammo supply is mostly limited by the number of primers that I can get. I can mine lead from my shooting club for casting and I have a reasonable amount of powder on hand and lots of empties. I was just given 30 lbs of .40 brass that can be used to also load .357 sig and beaucoup 9x19 brass and a ton of .45 acp and .38spl.
    One who hammers his gun into a plow plows for those who do not....Unknown the end of the day its not about anything else but YOU AND YOURS..... Gabe Suarez
    ....WANT not NEED is what America is all about. ..... Gabe Suarez
    Its not about how fast you can load, but about how well you can shoot ..... Someone being saved by a speed load is not something that has happened with any regularity. Gabe Suarez

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