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    Exclamation Nov 21 TN/GA/AL Training Group !

    Saturday NOVEMBER 21 will be the next meeting of the TN/GA/AL Training Group.

    Subject: Practical Application of Medical Skills in a Team Environment. Shoot, Move ,Communicate and Plug Holes !
    Date : Saturday November 21, 2020
    Location: 763 County Rd 332 Pisgah AL (35 min from downtown Chattanooga)
    Time : 9AM- 3PM Central Time
    Price : $100

    This meeting of the training group will cover both shooting skills and basic tac med skills in a team environment . Guest lecturer will be Jeff Bishop ( USMC, Louisville KY Fire, Police and EMS)

    What to bring: Rifle (or PCC ) and at least 2 mags and 60 rounds for it. Pistol and at least 2 mags and 75 rounds for it. In fact, in light of the current ammo situation if you want to run a .22 rifle and / or pistol feel free to do so. Bring as many mags as you want and as much gear and ammo as you want to carry. If you want to run this class with chest rig and armor then that is fine. If you want to run it in CCW street clothes and just a rifle with spare mag in your pocket that is fine too. Up to you. This material is not gear dependent.

    Also bring any med gear you normally carry. We will take a look at and discuss items and options.

    Bring something to write with and note taking material.
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    Another outstanding day of training. A big thanks to Randy, Jeff, and everyone involved.
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    Yeah, that was a good one.

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