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    Default Any thoughts on NovX ammo?

    Had a few people asking about and discussing NovX ammo, some new copper/polymer bullet that makes some impressive claims. My question is, are those claims backed up by real world proof? I haven't come across much about it. I normally fire Federal HST or Speer God Dot hollow points for my self defense ammo, but I am open to new things is they can prove better. Here's a video about them:
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    Ah yes the “magic TORX “ bullet. They get the velocities up by using a light bullet and running pressures as high as they can.

    I’ll pass on their “Magic Beans”.
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    i looked at a review that simply shot and chornographed two of their offerings. Two malfunctions. The velocities were a little bit higher then high end loadings of 7.62x25 tok pistol ammo, but the tok x25 uses an 85 grain bullet.

    I have an open minded, but until people like the nobodies or others of the same statue on this forum recommended I will simply stay open minded and also stay from it including the two piece metallic case.
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    Frangible handgun ammo like this, the cheapest round nose they make, is good for shooting steel targets. It is relatively safe with little potential for back splash, even at fairly close distances. The recoil impulse is not the same as training with full weight loads. The +P blast is not friendly.

    Adequate penetration of 12-18” in gel is a self defense standard for a reason. The fluted SD fragmenting rounds usually only show 6-8” in gel—which may be why their test was in clay.

    Unless you require shallow penetration with no exit (think Air Marshall), or are afraid of ricochets in your environment, these bullets are not a good choice for self defense. They may fragment on a hand or arm before reaching vitals in a self defense situation. While they dump all their energy quickly and may make a nasty wound, they are not reliable stoppers generally. No LEO or military use for a reason. Very little real world tales of effectiveness.

    In rifle calibers, this fragmenting composition is used in varmint hunting because the target is so small immediate, complete fragmentation is desirable.

    Niche ammo for niche markets.
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    It would be better to use this than have an empty gun... but only just.
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    I didn’t know they were still making that stuff.

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    Looks like it's just the Polycase/Inceptor bullet - they are nice for gun games on steel (they are a frangible bullet) but pretty useless for meat IMO.

    The Lehigh Defender bullet is a whole different story though. I've posted about that here before and my testing results.

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