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    Default Cross-training MMAs with Arnis?

    I'm changing locations, and I'm examining my training options.

    After doing Krav Maga for 5 years at different schools, attempting to teach myself some knife fighting, gun handling, gun-fighting, keeping tabs on what's discussed here and in the general tactical/combatives/gun-fighting community, and noticing technical differences in the training...I feel like I've developed a pretty good idea of what I ought to look for in my training going forward, and what my weaknesses are.

    I found a gym that promotes itself as a combatives/sport hybrid. The head instructor has certifications from Kelly McCann and Micheal Janich, and on his blog his rhetoric is similar to Gabe...but the rest of his CV has red flags.

    If I still smell BS after talking to him and doing a class, my backup plan is the local MMA gym, and Arnis to keep my mind weapons-oriented. I found two Arnis places. One is...better branded, and the other one is a long drive, very cheap for an MA or combatives school, only meets a couple times a week, but specifically advertises teaching Arnis with a focus on knives, blunt weapons, and improvised weapons. They also have a class where they teach you how to use the weapon of your choice to study, and a "self-defense" class (which I'm guessing is an attempt to replace Krav Maga and other combatives systems with Arnis).

    Edit: I found another Arnis dojo that's an "affiliate" of the The Pekiti Tirsia Tactical Association--anyone familiar with it?

    Is this good plan?

    Is there a particular approach I should have with the Arnis?

    I know that "defanging" is not a popular concept in terms of knife usage on here, but can't I implement the lessons of Arnis for getting inside an opponent's guard via knife, and getting "off the X" with a knife?
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    If he is a legit instructor or serious student of Kelly or Mike's, PM me his name if you want want, more than likely I can tell you if he is good to go or not.
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