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Thread: DMR Optics

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    Default DMR Optics

    I am looking for optics for a light weight 16 inch .308 gas gun for use out to 600 yards ish. The idea is to have the smallest, lightest possible optic with enough magnification to identify a target out to my effective range. I would like magnification in the 8-10X range, light weight, as rugged as possible, and a price under $1500. I would like illumination, and good enough glass to detect non-contrasting targets in questionable light, such as shooting into a shadowed target area, or shooting at dawn, dusk, or in heavy rain. 2nd focal plane is probably OK, because on a low magnification optic like this if I am milling something or shooting mil holds I will be at max anyway. I am not too worried about low range magnification or "daylight bright" illumination because I have offset sights for close in shooting. My priorities are price, ruggedness, size/weight, and glass quality. Thanks in advance.

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    I'm looking for one as well.
    I put together a Aero Precision 18" Rifle for DMR use and it needs a proper optic.
    I just have 3-9x and a 1-4x I could transfer but neither have attributes I want for this particular rifle.
    1-6x with a illuminated center dot and a mil radian system for holds is what I desire.

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    I have several Leopold scopes. Guaranteed for life. Leopold has a line of lighted reticle scopes they call, "Fire Dot". This is just one...but there are more. This particular one is very reasonable in price for what you are getting.

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    I have a number of scopes...NIkon, Vortex, Leupolds. All are great with good lighting. But when dusk or dawn or shadows come into play, the Leupolds are markedly better. I wouldn't get anything else for something serious.
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    The dirty little secret about optics is this; some manufacturers engineer their glass to provide optimal clarity and contrast under department store lights. Leupold doesn't play those games. VX3i 3.5-10X40 will do what you need.

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    I have had similar experience with Leopold, to include their budget priced Mark AR stuff, which I have been extremely happy with. I cannot say the same about Vortex or Nikon mid-line products. My Nikon Monarch, however, was quite good, as was my Trijicon Accupoint, and my Bushnell ERS is also plenty good. I shot they Allegheny Sniper Challenge last year with the Bushnell, in some pretty nasty conditions (torrential downpour and shooting downhill into a dark hole in the woods with non-contrasting targets), and the scope did great. If I had tried that with my Nikon FX1000 I think target detection would have been more difficult.
    Anyway, I finally settled on a US Optics SR-6S (no longer produced) that I found. This line of scopes was considered a direct competitor with Night Force when it was made, and I think it will have the build quality and glass quality to perform in less than ideal conditions. Time will tell.

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    I use a Burris 1.5 x 6 scope on my AR10 carbine. The low magnification works well for close in and 6x lets me see at some distance.
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    After doing a lot of work on this, having tried everything from a Steiner 1-4 to a Vortex Razor HD 1-6 to a NF 1-8, I have to say that it depends.

    Overall, the Nightforce NX-8 is probably the best of the bunch that I've used. The reticles are fantastic, and you can't break them even if you try. The weight and size is lower than the Vortex options by quite a bit, and within spitting distance of an ACOG + RMR. I am very interested in getting my hands on and some rounds with the newer Vortex 1-10s.

    Much of how to answer this question, however, comes in application. If you're expecting to spend a lot of time behind the glass observing a complicated target field or PID individuals, you'll want something with a larger FOV and/or higher top end magnification. If you're expecting to roll through a structure with any regularity, a 1-4 through 1-8 is probably what you want.

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    having been part of the beta testing for this scope, I can tell you it is a game changer. No, it does not have the brightest glass out there but it absolutely does have the best reticle for DMR work.

    Why do I know it works? Using Ed Verdugo's AR-10, I shot at 400+ yards for the first time ever. 100 yards - hit. 200 yards - hit. 300 yards - hit. 400 yards - hit. 500 yards - hit. 600 yards - hit. All on the first shot.

    Moving to 1025 yards, I hit man sized steel on a windy day on the 3rd or 4th shot using a spotter. Again, a rifle and scope I'd never seen before that morning; I'd never even shot an AR-10 before. 3 others had the same results up to 600 yards and one guy had the same results as I did at 1000. All 4 of us hit at 1000 within 10 rounds.

    It is not illuminated right now but a friend is working on it for DHS.

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    NF 1-8 no question if you have the money.

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