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    Yes...I know 2020 is close to over and there will not be any more classes. Thank the democrats and their stupid fabricated dem-panic that caused everyone's testicles to shrink back into their body. I was planning on retiring this year. I will do four classes next year. Only Four...and they will be higher cost than they were this year. That is the way it is. If you enrolled in a class this year, you will get in next year grandfathered as it were. If you get your $$ back that is fine, but if you wish to train in 2021, it will be at the 2021 prices.

    In the plan -

    4 Day Red Dot Pistol Gunfighting - Every thing we know about gunfighting in 4 evening lecture and dinner at Suarez HQ, and one dinner for senior students at the Suarez palace.

    4 Day Rifle/SMG/PCC Gunfighting - Yes...rifles again...any kind you wish from an UZI to a SCAR 308 and in between. AR Pistols welcomed. Think of it as an insurgent's CQB Rifle class combining everything from marksmanship to CQB and team tactics in 4 evening lecture and dinner at Suarez HQ, and one dinner for senior students at the Suarez palace.

    4 Day Alumni Class #1 where you the students will dictate the content via surveys at WT. With one evening social and dinner at Suarez HQ, and one dinner for senior students at the Suarez palace.

    4 Day Winning The Gunfight Class - That will include the FOF material so poorly copied by the rest of the industry, and extend to realistic vehicle tactics (shooting, mounting dismounting, etc), mob combat, pistol ground fighting (hopefully we can convince Brent to provide this) and other topics pertinent to the new paradigm of conflict in the USA. With one evening social/discussion and dinner at Suarez HQ, and one dinner for senior students at the Suarez palace.

    That is all I will teach. All in the Prescott area. We are looking at new venues in the area for the training which will be easier to access as well.
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    Is the correct page to watch for these classes?


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    for those of you pondering on the new location, i offer this tidbit, i would highly suggest you familiarize yourself with Insurgent Brewing Co.

    Do NOT call me an armorer
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    Alumni and Winning the Gunfight.


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    Winning the Gunfight... Sounds like fun.
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    Really looking forward to 2021 and once again being on that range in Prescott. This'll be my third time training under The Master, and an opportunity to reinforce my commitment to the values and brotherhood of The Tribe!
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    The first 2 classes listed are right up my alley. Can't wait to find out the dates ! ;- ))

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    Any updates to this? We would be planning a house hunting trip in conjunction with a class if available.

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    I want in on this (all four classes).
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