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Thread: Detonics .45

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    When I shot one , I thought I liked my cousin's ☆ Star Firestar . M45 ☆ a little better.
    The Firestar was a very accurate piece with reg. Hardball... not a hiccup either.
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    I had one for about 8 years. Bellevue stamp. Carried it some. Never had a malfunction. All I ever ran through it was 230 ball. Gave it to a good friend. I would carry it some if I still had it. I just carry a Kahr MK9 now.

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    Owned D7400 for awhile. It hated hardball, loved hot JHPs, very accurate, disconnector cut started to peen. The "loaded magazine indicator" was merely the rear tail of the follower and it was deadly to covering garments. So I carried it with one less in the mag, back of my right hip in a cutdown Bianchi #3 Pistol Pocket.

    The G19 I replaced it with was, wait for it, a game changer.
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    I had a Seattle-stamp Detonics years ago; Yeah, I was a Miami Vice fanboy and Don Johnson's Sonny Crockett carried a Detonics in an ankle holster. The one I had was a great gun as Detonics go: way more accurate than a short .45 should be, and very reliable with loads it liked. It actually ran Federal HydraShok like a scalded dog, and would one-hole an entire mag if I did my part. I made an ill-advised trade of it, like a moron. Always regretted it; until I had a chance to get another one... which proved to be a temperamental little bitch that didn't run well with anything. I couldn't get rid of THAT one fast enough.

    Now, there's at the gun show where I work, for pretty darned reasonable money. I wouldn't use it as a carry gun; I want it just to HAVE it... but my wife and I have an agreement to throw every spare dime at building a downpayment for a house.
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