I am a gun magazine junkie, and have been for decades. Although I have to admit the level of knowledge of the current crop of writers is not as good as it used to be.

For the past year, the magazines have discovered RDSs on pistols, because many of their sponsors started offering them on their regular models. It is obvious that these writers have very little understanding of how to use the sights.

What I have learned from WT and THE BOOK can be summarized in three sentences.

1. The pistol must have visible front and rear sights that reasonably co witness with the red dot.

2. To learn how to use the sight, the shooter presents the pistol as he normally would, and when the standard sight picture is found, the red dot will be right there.

3. The purpose of the RDS is not so much the ability to make close range shots quicker, but to make longer-range shots possible than with iron sights.

Of course, this is a gross simplification; it is still totally absent from most gun writer's knowledge bank.

Very frustrating.

-- ML