When I was paying out of pocket, my rx was for test cyp & hcg.

Then, with my hyperthyroidism, my endo agreed to prescribe my testosterone, but, she wanted me off the hcg as it could hamper an accurate reading of my thyroid test results. She was also flummoxed that I'd been prescribed both to begin with...she'd never heard of such a thing! HCG is for men with fertility issues, she decried.

I relay this to my original TRT doc-
Dr: We prescribe the hcg so that your body keeps producing it's own testosterone, too...why wouldn't you want that?"
Me: Maybe because you're a 40yr old woman that doesn't give a shit about 50+yr old male athletic performance and most of your patients are elderly diabetics?
Dr: I'd say that's probably accurate...I just wouldn't say it on the record!

Covid hit and appointments were cancelled indefinitely, my lady endo leaves the group that my insurance is attached to and I'm told I'll be assigned to her eventual replacement.

I've got 2 bottles of hcg I've already paid for and since blood draws were also suspended indefinitely, I started taking it again. There's a noticeable bump in how good I feel, but for all I can prove, that's just my Scottish frugality being pleased that two expensive bottles of rx aren't gathering dust.

I finally have an appointment with the new endo in early Oct, I'm curious to see what my numbers look like these days. I'll report back on the new endo's thoughts.