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Thread: Blake shooting

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    Quote Originally Posted by apamburn View Post
    It was a 17 year old kid. The likelihood that he had any specialty ammo is pretty low IMO (as is the case for 99% of the fun owning world).

    You guys that know better are better qualified to say one way or another, since I am not an expert on the wounding characteristics of rifle rounds, but my money is that it's a run of the mill fmj - cheapest he could find.
    Yep...That's why I was asking and wondering. You're statement was my kind of thinking as well.

    I guess the Blake shooting was probably the approved SP type approved for law enforcement use.

    "If your sport does not put grease, blood, or dirt under your fingernails, then it's just a game!"

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    His attorney has stated that he did not bring the rifle up from IL with him. The rifle was from WI. So, he probably got whatever ammo the rifle owner handed to him with the rifle.

    Attorney also said WI is an open carry state so the kid was not breaking the law carrying the AR15. Can't say he's right, just what I heard him say.

    Notice how the elbow area wound is on the upper/lower arm both with undamaged skin on the forearm between the lower wound and the upper wound. I wonder if the flash suppressor was almost in between the guys bent arm (the one holding the handgun) when the trigger was pulled?

    Bullets do funny things sometimes.

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