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    WAS is a European manufacturer so it can be hard to source. So cummerbunds, in a word, no. The extra loops make you want to fill them wit all sorts of stupid stuff you dont need and makes your rig far heavier than it should be. Sua and I were talking a while back and neither of us can remember a gunfight taking more than 3 mags much less the 8-12 most people try to carry. Here's mine
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    My personal setup is a low profile plate carrier that has the ability to attach a triple mag shingle if needed. It will fit under a button down shirt and/or jacket without too much bulk. Easy enough to throw a chest rig over it for load bearing ability, can be combined with a war belt obviously, etc.

    It has a mesh/MOLLE cumberbund so the ability to attach items is there, but for my uses all it's for is keeping the front and back plates together. Left end of the cumberbund is always secured, right stays open for quick ditch/don (and then secured if donning the rig). It's black because I don't need multicam. If needed it can be rattle-canned with ODG/FDE for greenside type stuff. If using the triple mag shingle, I have a Strider DBL with hook and loop on the kydex sheath, it gets sandwiched between the hook/loop of the plate carrier and shingle, making it easy to have a low profile face stabber within easy reach. My Grab/N/Stab or Gang Unit would work for this role as well.....may have to set them up.

    ETA: Really liking the Gambeson concept that SI just rolled out.
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    Now that I donít run up mountains, get in 12 hour engagements on said mountains or chase bad guys, I run a minimalist rig for repelling boarders, AR 500 Freeman rig with 3 mags rifle and 3 mags pistol, and a Unity CLUTCH to carry the essentials. All of it can disappear beneath my jacket while driving the Tahoe and be worn comfortably.

    Speed is life and I am getting too old and slow to move with equipment like I used to. Less is more, so no cummerbund for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrstang01 View Post
    Is SI going to offer plate carriers, war belts etc any time soon? If not, is there a partner vendor you'd recommend?
    too many flavors to get into the full "operator" carrier market, everyone has a different style and comfort preference. for what its worth, me and paul run shellback tactical carriers and have chest rigs for gear

    but we do have to minimalist options, 1st being the Gambeson package, complete with choice of lightweight hesco plates, as a super minimal slick carrier which can hold rifle mags on either side, and the minimalist kit, which is the 10x12 L210 plates and a grey ghost minimal carrier

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    Quote Originally Posted by McGyver View Post
    I was issued target plates as rifle armor (AR500) at work.
    That reflects poorly on your employer and what they think you're worth.
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    Default Cummerbunds...what's the big deal?

    L210 plates in a low profile carrier. Good weight and thickness. Stop AK and AR. Only area for Improvement would be if it came in a multi curve option so the back doesnít make a hump under the back of a jacket.

    A friend of mine on a major city PD team just switched to these from his agency issue Level 4 plates due to the weight.

    Velcro cummerbund keeps everything nice and tight when moving, but makes a lot of noise and can be annoying when donning on and off. Other advantage is that itís easily adjustable for sizing. Only thing I put in the cummerbund is a tourniquet.

    My carrier has clips on the front for a placard, which I donít think are actually needed as there are velcro mag shingle options.

    If you donít yet have a set and are thinking about it, the SI kit seems great.

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