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    More to follow...more for Karate Kata than the Suarez weapon Katas.

    1). The purpose of a kata is not to express athleticism or art, it is for the physical memorization of strategies, tactics and techniques

    2). How a kata looks is it feels is more important.

    3). Every move in the kata should be capable of beginning and ending the fight.

    4). Unless you are hitting something, a kata should not be done with full force, but definitely with full intent.

    5). Kata should be practiced in all environments and wearing all types of clothing and footwear.
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    Excellent. Concur 100%.

    There are many who practice martial disciplines that don't believe in kata. I can't say I blame them, since so many karate schools practice "empty kata". But anytime one practices a set of repeatable movements, one is practicing kata. Most gun people practice the draw...that is a mini-kata whether one calls it that or not.

    Single person drills have value. Multiple person drills have value. Some are more "set" and some are more free flow, but they also are essentially kata...a set of repeatable motions that builds skill, conditions appropriate responses to given stimulus, builds muscle and muscle memory, builds speed and reflexes, build explosive power, builds's hard to list all the benefits of good kata training.

    Even empty kata are not totally devoid of value, because at least you're moving and getting a workout. But, of course, some kata are better than others. Some are designed simply to look cool, others have great depth...even simple looking movements can incorporate a lot more than meets the eye.

    UNDERSTANDING what the kata is teaching, the options and benefits it provides...that is what is important. Looking good is not the goal...though if you're doing it right, it will look good as a result.
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    Also concur 100%. I've found it worthwhile to do each kata at least three times - once as fluidly as possible, once with maximum force, once to blend the two. At the higher levels (brown belt and dan-ranked students), it's worthwhile to work with the movements in a kata and start looking for alternate bunkai. There often are multiple applications for any given move.

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