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Thread: Keto ideas

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    Psalms23dad wrote:

    Stupid question time.
    A few things I've heard about Keto that I'd like to get the tribe's opinion on.

    Not stupid questions at all. It's good you're asking.

    Keto is not a long term diet. Its for weight loss and heart patients.

    Not true. You can do keto long term. I did it for two years myself. The only reason I stopped was because after the fake plandemic and all the chaos going on, I decided I didn't want to continue giving up foods I used to love. I have a strong sense of discipline - it comes pretty easy for me. I can give up my favorite things at the drop of a hat. I really enjoyed doing keto (hardcore, less than 15g of carbs a day, all veggies). It's just there were other things I decided I wanted to enjoy again in case the shit did hit the fan and I would later not be able to enjoy those things anymore. I do know people who have thrived on keto for 5 years or more.

    You can not build muscle on Keto becuase you need carbs for that.
    No, you can definitely build muscle on keto. I know I got leaner and added a good amount of muscle doing keto and I'm what some call a "hard gainer". And I know guys who have put on lots more muscle than me (granted, they are half my age) while doing strict keto long term.

    You have to check your blood to know if you're actually in ketosis.
    It's probably the most accurate way, but not necessary. I bought a breath meter that worked fine. On my first year on keto, I decide that for the 4th of July I would simply go out of ketosis because I was not about to skip a good old fashioned meal or three of hamburgers and hotdogs on real/non-keto buns and of course a bunch of french fries. I knew it would knock me out of ketosis because I went from 15 g of carbs a day to well over 200+. Sure enough, the next morning my keto meter showed I was out of ketosis. A few days later, I was back in ketosis. The breath meter isn't 100% accurate as far as telling you how deeply into ketosis you are - there is some wiggle room. But it will definitely give you a "Yes or no" answer to whether or not you're in ketosis.

    Paleo is better for those that want to build muscle.
    I don't see any reason to believe that. I've not seen any science showing that. You work out enough and eat enough protein and you'll put on muscle whether you're doing keto or paleo or carnivore diet, etc. I know guys putting on muscle on various different types of diet.

    Hope that helps. Side note - never order keto meters from House of Keto. A total shit company to deal with.
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    To make it more bearable try recipes that are close to what you love.

    Rubens on a sheet.

    Corned beef lay on cookie sheet cover with provolone cheese
    Heat oven to 300
    Put in oven wait for cheese to melt
    Remove, add caraway seeds and sourkraut
    A little 1000 island if you must


    Egg roll in a bowl is pretty good too.

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