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    Default Kris Wilder’s Martial Arts Podcast

    I had the pleasure of doing a podcast interview with Kris Wilder last week. Went live today.

    I haven’t had the opportunity to listen to it yet...hopefully it turned out well!

    Kris is an excellent teacher and author. I looked him up many years ago because I’d never had the opportunity to train Goju Ryu, he didn’t disappoint. His books and podcasts are great resources. He introduced me to the guy I consider my greatest karate instructor, Hiroo Ito...much of what I think of as the “magic sauce” comes from Ito. It’s the same stuff but just comes with the secret 11 herbs and spices that make things work so much better. If you get the chance to train with Kris, we are teaching a lot of the same material.

    Anyway, enjoy:

    Kris Wilder’s martial podcast
    Brent Yamamoto
    Suarez International Tier 1 Staff Instructor

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    Perfect timing. Ill check it out.
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    Awesome, Brent. I'll check it out!!

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    I finally got a chance to hear the podcast. Very well done and a great overview of your fighting sense and how it all comes together. I alsolearned something new... you are a real sugar coke fan.
    Don Marbach
    Scottsdale, AZ

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    Thanks Sensei!!
    Ted Demosthenes
    Suarez International Staff Instructor

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    Great podcast, Brent...thoroughly enjoyed it!

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