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    2. I adjusted the SIRT trigger to be firmer than my Suarez trigger, on purpose to make it harder to get a "good" shot so when I use my Suarez...
    The other thing to consider, depending on how you run the trigger, practicing with a heavier trigger then shooting a gun with a lighter trigger, (both glock 19) casused me to press shots off sooner than i had planned. Again, depends on what technique you use. I happen to prep the trigger while pressing out, once a sight picture is established I press through the wall and fire the shot. This is what gave me issues going from heavy to light triggers. While taking the slack out I'd fire the shot as I "knew" the trigger weight. All of my 19s have SI triggers in them now for this reason. Not saying you will have that issue, just my personal experience.
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    You may check out Laser-Ammo vs the LazerLyte. A shooting buddy of mine started with the LazerLyte but is was basically non functional in about 6 months of moderate use. He went with the Laser-Ammo system and has been happy.

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    Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I've found a laser system from i target pro that so far (only been a few days) seems like a decent training aid. It runs off of a simple app on your phone & gives very good feedback. I have both apps they have so far. I'll need some more time to wring it out but it's looking pretty good.
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    Piggybacking here, I got a Strikeman laser system for Christmas, and it works pretty well. Cartrige seems robust enough, although it does seem that the dot is about 1/2" to the right of point of aim. It also includes a target, and you set your phone on a tripod where it can view the target and the app tracks all your hits. I mostly use it for first-shot tracking, from concealment, with movement, in which it works really well. But my girlfriend uses it to try to shoot a bunch of tight groups. It has her pulling the trigger more, which is a good thing.
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