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Thread: AK chest rig

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    Google seems to show some three pouch mag carriers
    Screenshot_2020-07-03 three pouch AK magazine carrier - Google Search.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorkface View Post
    If I remember right the three pouch design is the original style. I forget who made it. Hsgi bought it out or something like that.
    I honestly like the 3 pouch design better for a minimalist chest rig to compliment a war belt. I have seen a few pics of one in the old DCU cano pattern.

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    So i ended up getting an LBT 0290D of ebay for 55 since it was the 'old style' with the black and yellow logo. I will post pics once it arrives. Thanks again, perhaps will still get one of these other ones.

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    So i just received the rig. Seems really nice and reminds me of the USPalm AK Attack Rack v1 i had years ago minus these mag pouches are covered. For 55 dollars seems like. Great value.

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