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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorkface View Post

    Sleep is for privileged white people, popular magazine says — so now activists call for 'rest reparations'

    Teen Vogue published an article last week alleging sleep is indicative of systemic racism.

    Now some activists are calling for "rest reparations" in the form of sabbaticals and time off from work and other strenuous activities.
    What are the details?

    The article, titled, "Black Power Naps is Addressing Systemic Racism in Sleep," reveals the Black Power Naps initiative, which alleges that African Americans typically have shorter life spans when compared to their white peers.

    Black Power Naps — created by writers Navild Acosta and Fannie Sosa — insists that black lives are shorter than white lives because blacks experience "generational fatigue" simply on the grounds that they are African American.

    The magazine describes Black Power Naps as an "artistic initiative with components including physical installations, zines, an opera, and more."

    Writers Acosta and Sosa revealed that they experienced an epiphany: They were always tired, and realized that it was because they were impacted by "hundreds of years of sleep deprivation" that was due to systemic racism.

    "[They] were tired, but it wasn't just any old fatigue," the article read. "Yes, they experienced a lack of sleep, but they were specifically experiencing a generational fatigue familiar to black people and people of color."

    The realization prompted them to demand reparations through breaks and time off from work through the initiative.

    "[Black Power Naps] is also a recognition of the hundreds of years of sleep deprivation that black people and people of color have experienced as a result of systemic racism, a way to push back against the false stereotype that black people are lazy, and an investigation of the inequitable distribution of rest," the article added.
    So what do Acosta and Sosa have to say about this?

    Acosta told the magazine that black people and people of color inherited sleep deprivation through years of slavery and control.

    "We're dealing with an inheritance of sleep deprivation," she complained. "Sleep deprivation was a ... deliberate tactic of slave owners to basically make the mind feeble. That same tactic has only evolved."

    She also insisted that it is imperative that black people and people of color be allowed to dream properly.

    "The dream space is a crucial space to make sense of your reality and properly process the violence that may be happening," he said. "When we're not getting the sleep we need, it is another front line — the place where we sleep."

    Sosa insisted that generations of slavery have made it imperative for black people and people of color to rest as much as they can in the following generations.

    "Slavery is a regime of stealing and extraction: stolen wages, stolen life, stolen land, but stolen time was one of the main things. We need time. We need time off; we need time out," she said. "Our ancestors never got to take a month off for holidays; they never got to take a sabbatical; they never got to take a nap. When you piled all of those together, you see the reparations that need to happen are monetary, but they're also time and space."

    Sosa pointed out that it's also unfair that black people and people of color have to go out amid a global pandemic to demand such rest reparations, which makes them suffer from exhaustion even further.

    "We are having to go out in the streets during a pandemic, expending our energy in really huge amounts in order to ask for reparations and rest and energy," Sosa reasoned. "It is a .... double-edged sword to navigate as an activist or organizer. You are putting your body on the line to reclaim it. That creates a lot of burnout. We have people who are 20, 21, they are burnt out. They need time off. They need to not only sleep, but to know their people are going to be OK, to know they're going to be OK, to know they can take a break."
    How did I miss this?

    That's me you hear howling at the moon!

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    That has got to be the dumbest thing I have read today, and possibly this week. It seems people will go to the extremes with anything in the quest to avoid personal responsibility and logic.
    The government selectively enforces laws, so I selectively follow them.

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    Lately I have heard the word, "Insecurity", bantered around.

    Food Insecurity = cannot afford food.
    Housing Insecurity = cannot afford rent.
    Job Insecurity = cannot find/keep a steady job.

    Riot Insecurity = cannot find a riot worth looting.

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    Hard work and good life choices have a heck of a way to address “insecurity “…but we can’t point that out.

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    Parents income has more to do with the success of their kids than just about any other measureable factor. BUT, attitude and ofttimes shear pigheadedness can overcome any factor one faces. Raised by a single mother who never made more than $25k a year, I opened an insurance office in July. Sold 11 Medicare and MA policies this month while still helping put on a large Veterans event to help guys get their VA benefits. SO fuck all the preconceived bullshit and Just make it happen. Background doesn't mean a thing. Just like Eric Thomas says" This is America whats stopping you." If that dude can make millions as a professional speaker, what the hell is anyone else excuse. Look him up if you aren't familiar.
    This is one of the biggest things that pisses me off in America. I have plenty of "XYZ" friends, peers and mentors that I never hear cry about being this race, that orientation or growing up whatever. If it ever gets mentioned it is merely a footnote that they want others to see that they too can succeed, in other words, they want to change attitudes to change altitudes.

    PS I may have had a shot or two so am a little more vehement than normal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by M_P_E View Post
    Poverty is not a foregone conclusion when you are of lower IQ or skill.
    There is a distinction to be made between "Poverty" and "Poor". Generally "Poverty" is the line at which one can barely survive, or less. Poor is generally those in the first and maybe second (depending on your political goals) quartile of family income.

    Given the normal distribution of IQ on the Stanford-Benet model, about 15 percent of the population is below 85 IQ, and about 2.5% below 70.

    In the western world an IQ of less than 85 is *really* going to make your life difficult. We've eliminated a LOT of manual labor jobs. In the 1980s you could have been a janitor, but today--as in everything else--being a janitor is a LOT more complicated now than then (knowing which cleaning agents to use where, how to handle different chemical and biological messes etc.). Food service? Cleanliness rules are also more complex. Ditch digging? Almost gone. Lawn service? Possibly, but how many people can you hire there? Truck driving is a LOT more regulated and complicated, and you can go down the list of all the other "manual labor" jobs.

    So yeah, going into the future being low-IQ **is** going to mean being poor, and increasingly being incapable of even making the sort of living that keeps one at the poverty level.

    It gets even worse when you have a culture that eschews education.

    This idea that each generation is supposed to start over from zero is marxist nonsense.
    To be more accurate under Marxism, Socialism or Communism the notion is that the *family* shouldn't do this, it should be The State (well, technically to a Marxist or Communist it's "the people").

    This is, of course, true *if* you're a member of the state. Does anyone really think that either Al Gore or George W. got into politics on their own merit, with no assistance from their families? Look what the "Deep State" and it's supporters do to people who *aren't* part of that system--Sarah Palin, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M_P_E View Post
    Here's another term:

    : a person who sees, and indeed expects there to be, a correlation between his efforts and choice, and the outcomes thereof. Used pejoratively by people who want to use the force of the state to accomplish what they cannot - economically, via social capital, or through the marketplace of ideas - on their own.
    NIMBY stands for "Not In My Backyard".

    It's people who want things like clean electricity, clean water, rehabilitation for prisoners, highways, etc. but *don't want to have to see the work*. They want "alternative energy" but don't want windmills off the coast of their houses (the Kennedys), they want the lights kept on, but don't want natural gas powerplants built in their area, much less coal power plants (which frankly I agree with[1]).

    Some NIMBYism is...understandable. We all would like reasonable accommodations for the *actually* mentally ill--schizophrenics, those suffering from various psychoses' etc. But almost none of us actually want someone who hears God speaking to him about wiping out the unclean to live next door. OTOH, you have to either house these people somewhere, or kill them.

    I have not seen NIMBY used the way you define it.

    [1] We should be moving to some sort of 4th generation nuclear plants instead. The same or smaller footprint, VASTLY cleaner and cheaper. OTOH I don't think we should be *shutting down* baseload coal plants until we have built replacements of some sort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wil View Post
    "gun control" unconstitutional and hence illegal civilian disarmament.
    " Nazi" Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party.
    Identifying the words the left uses is a good idea, however it begs some questions.

    1. why are they doing this? Deliberately subverting language and/or the meaning of words.
    It's part of your standard Leninist/Marxist propaganda. The word "Kulak" in the Soviet Union went from meaning a slightly disreputable sort of individual who had "no visible means of support" to meaning almost anyone who owned a successful farm. And as anyone who knows anything about farming knows, (1) Unsuccessful farmers are utterly useless, and (2) Successful farmers are almost all hard working, industrious, intelligent (if not always educated in the way the elite would like) and more importantly FEED PEOPLE.

    They subvert the meaning of words because their ideology *doesn't work*, and they have to use deceit, propaganda and misdirection to make it work.

    2. Is it part & parcel to 5th gen (cultural) warfare?
    IDK who coined the term 5th generation warfare to mean cultural conflict, but either they didn't know about what Lind et. al. wrote about, or they didn't understand it.

    3. if so, is it working and if so, why?
    Yes, it generally works because the people who would push back against it are the sorts of people who turn wrenches, plough fields and generally build shit for a living. This means they are *generally* ill equipped to fight in the arena where the sorts of people who do this shit carry out their fights. This is not an insult. One doesn't expect a neurosurgeon to understand computer programming, nor a expert programmer to know very much about laying bricks, nor a mason to understand neurosurgery.

    The other way it works is that it works *gradually*. You slowly expand the definition of that which you wish to either push, or punish.

    And it also relies on the "Motte and Bailey" fallacy. You advocate a broad sweeping definitions, but when pushed you claim you're only pushing for this tiny small thing. Take "Defund the Police". When one takes an activist at their word "Defund The Police" is absolutely atrociously stupid. But when you argue that eliminating the police force is asinine and only a warlord, criminal or communist politician, or idiot (redundancy alert) would think it's a good idea, the nomenklatura start saying "Well, it doesn't mean that, it means taking a little of the police budget and hiring social workers to intervene....". Which one could only oppose if one were an evil right wing oppressor...or had actually lived or worked in the the sorts of neighborhoods and trailer parks.

    4. If it is working, how then does it work and what weaknesses does it have that we can identify & use to defeat it?
    The biggest reason it works is it's incrementalism. Heck, a lot of times it's not even really under the control of one person, nor is it organized.

    It's *very* common in activist and revolutionary circles for different groups or people to keep on-upping one another in order to get their share of whatever they are using for currency--be that eyeballs, fame, etc. So you get a couple people who develop a test that claims to show "implicit bias", and 2 decades later you wind up with black people not getting enough sleep because of racism. [/quote]

    5. what is our goal in terms of defeating it?
    While deception is a legit tactic in the short term, our goal should always be ultimately a truth that is congruent with the facts of the reality we live in.

    The problem is that almost everyone on this board has a real job doing real shit, and limited time to spend fighting battles of words.

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    I will address this in an article post soon. I remember the day I stood in Miami Airport holding my dad's hand. Poor didnt even scratch the surface. Today...I hesitate to post my income. I just bought a new Range Rover. And Shield Maiden drives a Mercedes.

    You can become anything you want to be. If I can do it...every hood rat homie or oppressed fuck face can become a millionaire...if they fail to do that it is on them.
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    I grew up poor, not in poverty, but no vacations or new cars, no nice clothes or fancy food. And we were on govt assistance at times. That was my motivation to do better. I paid for community college out of pocket while working part time. I worked 80 hours a week to afford things until I advanced myself to the point that I am in the top 15% of earners in the US and I work less than 40 hours a week. Nothing pisses me off more than people that make excuses for being poor. Not everyone has the capability to do well in life but any able bodied man can pick up a manual labor job and support himself. I never had anyone successful to teach me about money and business. All it takes is showing up everyday and out working everyone else.
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