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    Nice work!! Keep it up!
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    EDIT. It was 51 push-ups. Typo on my part.

    And barely.

    But still, got over 50!

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    Bravo Marco!! You are an inspiration!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marco Innocenti View Post
    So On 01/17/2020, I went to the kind of Doctor Gabe has talked about many times. They did some pretty detailed bloodwork and my Cholesterol and Triglycerides were really high, fatty liver, so on.

    And I weighed in at 228 pounds with 20.something% body fat.

    So they put me on T, DHEA, Vitamin D, and a thyroid med. And they suggested a low-carb Paleo or Keto diet, as my muscle mass was still pretty heavy. I had been working out and training a bunch, but my diet just was pretty shitty.

    I did strict Keto for about the first 6 weeks to drop some fat. And since then I’ve been doing what I’m calling a “Paleo-esque low-carb/high-protein diet. As much clean/organic as possible. I’ve added a little carb back in, but still probably around 30-45 grams a day. I take a single cheat meal every 2 weeks.

    My gut was a little wobbly the first few weeks. All or nothing if you know what I mean. After about a month it “evened out” with far fewer trips to head than prior to the dietary changes.

    I didn’t have any headaches or energy issues. I still drink 2-3 shots of espresso 2-3 times a day... And a few whiskeys 3-4 nights a week, which is probably a little much.

    But as of my last in-body scan maybe 6 weeks ago I was down to 215 and 16% body fat.

    And this morning at 51 years old; I hit 198lbs with the first of the visible abs showing. (Last time I was under 200 was maybe 1988?) And yesterday got 10 real pull-up followed by 3 more chin-ups and did 61 push-ups.

    So down 30 real pounds in about 5 months, and as strong as I was when I was a 30 year old SWAT dog.

    The diet was the biggest change, and I think the optimization of my adrenals in the way Gabe has written about was the main reason I didn’t really feel like shit. Quite the opposite actually.

    It’s hard and takes discipline, as I’m 100% Italian and just crave pasta, pizza, bread, etc. But the results, in both looks and real abilities/capabilities is worth it. (Yes looks. I’ll admit I’m a bit of a vain pretty boy...)

    Stick with it!!
    Good info, Marco. Glad it's working out for you. I'm finding for me that drinking lots of water and eating slower is helping me adapt a lot better to this diet. I've also been drinking lemon water or ACV in water periodically to flush my system. This seems to help, too!

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