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    Default Street Comp data

    A buddy of mine bought a couple of Street Comps and I got to shoot them yesterday.

    A few things to preface. I have no other experience with comps.

    I consider myself a better than average "shooter". Accuracy-wise I've been able to repeat sub 2 inch groups at 25yds and speed-wise I've been able to repeat sub 3 second Bill drills from concealment. All that to just say I have and do put the work into fundamentals.

    All shots were with standard pressure 124 grain Blaser Brass.

    First shots with the street comp were just slow fire to get a feel for it. Immediately I noticed how the gun felt, less recoil sure but the gun felt like it operated more balanced and precise, hard to explain. I didn't know a Glock could "feel" that nice. The all too cliche phrase of "runs like a sewing machine" is the best way to explain it.

    Next we set up on the 5 yard line. Targets were 3x5 cards. With my SI 19 split times hovered from .50-.60 while keeping all hits on target. This speed was at my limit while be accountable for hits.
    Same drill with the street comp. Split times dropped to .22-.30 also the groups with the street comp at that speed were half the size, meaning I could have gone faster. Total rounds fired with the Street Comp was less than 50 so I know once I get a better feel and learn to trust the equipment and develope a new and faster rythum I could go faster. Honestly it was hard for me to trust that speed on that size of target as it didn't feel like the wheels we're falling off yet, it was almost effortless. The difference is real.

    Conclusion, I don't ever look to gear to fix a issue with fundamentals. Sure I have plenty room for improvement but, where i currently am in my skillset the Street Comp is a legit "Bolt-on Performance Part". I'll be budgeting for a new barrel, comp and holster.

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    The pistol community tends toward stinginess, and toward a fear of the new. We see images of the "shooter with one gun", and of the codger 's statement that his WW2 Vintage 1911 is all he will ever "need". And in truth, the old Studabaker will still get you to church on Sundays, but many want better. Hell...we want the best. Not to be in the "good enough", or "normal range", but to be optimal and exceptional. Truly in this "brave new world" of conformity, and settling for less, those views may be seen as beyond the pale. But I suspect that the members and readers here are not interested in being a part of that collective. We want to be the best possible. Perhaps a cliche term in the era of the mask, but nonetheless what we seek. I have always said that top level equipment will allow you to express your whatever level they may a higher level And that it is easier to become exceptional if you begin with the best gear that you can afford. Now, I am not the only one saying it.
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    The performance of street comped pistols in our last Combat Red Dot Pistol School was convincing to say the least.

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    The difference can definitely be perceived. I would love to see someone gather measurable data in a scientific way. Looking at the title to this thread, I was hoping to find some kind of measurement of recoil in newtons or something like that. Split times are a pretty good metric. I've switched from carrying a 17K (19L) to a 19 with a street comp. I also put a street comp onto a 43, and really like it on that little gun. I've shot big comps on race guns that performed very well, but were too impractical for carry. And I've shot the "C" model Glocks, and V-10s, and things like that, and (a) not noticed a real improvement, and (b) gotten filthy from unburned powder that got pushed out of the ports. The advent of effective and practical compensators is a nice step forward.
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    I get what your saying lawdog.

    I've felt I could manage recoil well, not sure I could relate to a measurement of force.
    In a way that type of data, while still useful, says little about actual performance. Kinda like adding 50hp to a car. While it may add hp, it may not create a measurable gain in performance, and the more hp you have to begin with, the harder it becomes to get faster. A 500hp car will see less gain on a time slip with a 50hp gain than a 100hp car would. I think that same principle applies here. The better the shooter the less gain you would see. To see split times be cut in half on shots that require reasonable accuracy , from someone like me whom i consider to be better than average, to me is pretty unreal. I fully expect a shooter with less recoil control than myself would see even a higher degree of gain in performance.
    To me reducing split times is a not theory, its measured performance.
    For the sake of disscution.
    Draw and fire 1 shot on 3x5 card at 5 yards. For ease of math lets say that first shot takes 1.5 seconds. Splits without comp for me were .5sec. Three shots then take 2.5 seconds. With a comp I would buy myself .5 seconds for the same course of fire or I could fire 5 shots in the same time frame of 2.5 seconds vs 3 shots.

    It's intresting data and I think it's relatable and reliable.
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