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    Can we please discuss this incident. Some of you might know more

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    For former SF dudes they are pretty dumb.

    Not only were they posting on Twitter bragging about what they were doing, according to many people and reports, they did nothing to try and blend in and hide their presence or identity while in country. They even had the American flag patch on their equipment.

    If your gonna be behind a coup then maybe learn a little persec/opsec and be a bit more grey.

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    From what little I could gleam from the article it did not look like a coup was going down. It sounded like an attempt to set up armed resistance to the maduro government.
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    If the photo's I saw of their gear was actually their
    gear, it was a really poorly funded undertaking.
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    Can't rule out the possibility that this was staged. I mean, ok maybe there are mercenaries there but then again maybe someone made it look like they caught some mercenaries. Maybe more comes out in time. We'll see.

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    Probably kids that got kicked out of Group for being morons.

    Happens all the time. You get your patch, show up to group, keep getting fired until you get barred from reenlistment, or they want to send you to a leg unit.

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    My family over there, sent me some of the pictures of the gear these guys supposedly carried and in one of them there is an airsoft AR15 magazine on top of a real mag (loaded with green tips). I have the suspicion that this raid was staged by maduro & combo as a distraction or just to root out real opposition.

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