For me it seems to depend on the vendor and what the item is.
I have a 150 ft of 3/4 inch arborist rope that I ordered last night and it should be here by Friday via fedex. I have an order from at least a week ago of copper barnes bullets for the 300 blackout that there is no word on them for when they will be shipped. I got some V Max hornady bullets on hand, but the barnes are so much better.

For Ebay I just check to make sure the item is on hand within the US prior to ordering. No telling when trade with China gets cut off and for good reason considering the things they are sending us these days and their misinformation over the Covid 19. The latest thing we likely got from them are 'murder honets' that destroy bee hive that are now in Washington State.
When the items arrive I leave them setting in my truck cab to get warm since that destroys many viral pathogens.