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Swords of Northshire huh? I’m going to have to check this out then. I have a Ronin Dojo Pro katana, and while it’s well balanced, it’s a bear of a sword for longer sessions because it’s a Dotanuki blade. LOTS of blade-presence! Doing kata with it for a half-hour is an intense entire body workout by itself. It’s the sword I hand to people who think that all Katana are featherweight laser beams. Cures them of that notion the instant they have it in their hand.
Yes, sword work can be a great workout.

Funny that people think katana are light...most are actually pretty blade heavy by design. And something else most people don't realize is that katana are pretty short, really short in comparison to even average European two handed swords. There are a lot of one handed swords that are longer than the standard katana.

I've never handled a Ronin Dojo Pro, how do you like it?

I've picked up a few Ryujin blades for the dojo the last couple years, I'm quite impressed with them. Good blades, very nice fittings, and a great value. They have all been nice quality but the weight of the blade hasn't been totally consistent (which isn't necessarily bad). I've got one that's surprisingly light and handy for a katana, out of character as compared to most I've handled. I have yet to cut with them though.