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    Cool 1/3 co-witness options on SLR gas rail?


    New to to forum and looking for advice on co-witnessing options for a C39V2 pistol. It's the 10.6" barrel and I bought and SBA4 to replace the blade.
    I am going to purchase an SLR Riflewoks foregrip and gas tube, and I'm wondering what works best.

    Is a gas tube too hot for an RMR?
    If so what reflex is best for this pistol?
    What mounting options are best for a 1/3rd co-witness?

    What setups are you folks using?



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    Is a gas tube too hot for an RMR?

    It gets pretty hot, how hot depends upon rate of fire. Extreme temperature cycles will likely reduce the lifespan of any electronic optic, but lots of people have gotten long lives from everything from cheap to expensive units on ultimaks and MI gas tube set ups.

    You'd be lucky to get 10,000 rounds through a Century barrel without serious erosion regardless of circumstance, so that's two good reasons to keep the ROF low.

    If so what reflex is best for this pistol?

    The Holosun H508T is impressing some people with RMR quality expectations.

    Not trying to be a dick, but I'm not sure how high end an optic I'd spend for on that gun.

    Other options might be the Holosun and Primary Arms T1 clones and the Vortex Strikefire and Sparc II providing a lot of value for the buck.

    You definitely should get gauges and regularly check headspacing.

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    On any of the new AKs including some that are mostly made now days overseas I would check with peope like robski to see if they are made of decent materials in reference to the bolt and front trunion. It is better that they be forged or the equivalent in strength.
    Likely a primary arms tube red dot sight would be fine for your purposes.
    Robski and his AK channel do subject the test guns to prolonged firing. This will give you an idea if the gun is durable and so many new AKs are not. When mass produced by a properly tooled and set up factory, the costs per 1,000's of AKs is not real expensive, but it is not an easy rifle to produce cheaply in the USA.
    Here is film just showing the steps needed to make yugoslovian AK magazines. This should give one some appreciation of what it takes to properly build the whole rifle.
    For the USA functional ARs can be made relatively cheaply compared to what it costs to make a good AK here. The arsenal is a decent USA assembled AK and for the cost of one of those I can easily get a very good AR. If you want an AK look for one made in past years in former combloc arsenals that Century Arms contractors did not mess up.
    15 years ago it cost the Romanians about $75 to make a WASR fullauto rifle for military sales. And it while not a top notch AK was much better than most of what is made here.

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