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    Pistol Grip. You will be working in and around a vehicle and it is important to have the maneuverability of the bird's head grip, because the firearm is shorter and lighter. Also, when fighting from a vehicle you should be getting out and moving, shoulder transfers are so much easier. In my vehicle the bird's head grip and in my home the braced stakeout are my preferences. As you see in the video from Gabe's last shotgun class you do not sacrifice much with the bird's head in the way of accuracy or function, but you do gain in maneuverability.

    Sign up for the SI shotgun gun fighting class. You will learn a great deal and have a great time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by henri View Post
    To each his own....on a recent cross state trek my choices were simple, G19RM and AR Pistol.
    Pretty much same here, my SI G19 with comp and holosun and an AR pistol. The AR pistol is NOT the 12 gauge battle-ax but gives me longer range capability.

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    I am with you. I can't seem to leave my Tac-14 at home. I have decided that I need another one because bracing this one would take a whole lot of fun out of the portability factor.

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    Go over to the thread I started in the other shotgun section about the article I wrote on the Amphibian. I have a bag both the Amphibian and my Ar pistol rides in.
    Originally Posted by Gabe Suarez

    War is not moral...fighting of any sort, is not moral. It is about killing the adversary. So here is the rule. Do what you need to do to win...have a ready explanation to justify it according to whatever rules you are supposed to be playing only with people you can trust or work alone...then stick to your story and keep your mouth shut.

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    personally I could go either way, braced or not. I'm a little faster with the brace but the birds head is super maneuverable
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