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    Default Holster for Glock with Streamlight TLR1 and contour switch.

    I’m looking for something simple, but that has been surprisingly difficult to find thus far. I need an open-top Kydex holster for a TLR1 equipped G34. Actually, two of them; one for strong-side OWB, and another for AIWB. But here’s the rub: my TLR1 has a contour switch equipped, and so many of the holsters out there that ostensibly are designed for the TLR1, won’t work with that contour switch attached. I know about the Safariland duty holsters, but I want something less bulky and complex. I’m not opposed to going the custom route if I must, but I’m hoping someone knows of some factory offerings that will work with the contour switch. Any ideas?
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    Try black dog concealment. I have one for OWB and TLR1s. I'm pretty sure I have my glock 32 set up with the switch attached to it but send them an email and see if they can accomodate your needs. Not pricey at all..

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    Another option is Dara Holsters.

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    I like my KT Mech Counter Strike.

    I used it initially for my FNXT's with
    TLR2, and effortlessly changed over
    to a Glock 34 with the TLR2.
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