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    Default Barrel pin fell out! Gunsmith?

    I have a Polish underfolder AK that I was moving from one spot to another today and I noticed that the barrel pin hole on the front trunnion was empty, the pin nowhere to be found. This must have happened within the last year. I bought the rifle 9 years ago from Atlantic Firearms, and it was built by Red Jacket. Red Jacket had a lifetime warranty, but they have gone out of business/rebranded into Akly's Defense. At least one of the owners is or was still there from the old days, and I have heard of some warranty work being honored. I sent Ackly's a message, but should I have to go elsewhere, any recommendations for a reputable AK gunsmith?
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    buy a barrel pin, heat trunnion, freeze pin, press in with arbor press. Done in 15 min, aside from freezing the pin over night

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    Or look for a local gunsmith. Putting the pin back in is a simple task. No need to ship the gun off.

    You may need an over size pin.

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    Firing Line in Wyandotte Oklahoma might be of help.

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    Call Mark Graham, Arizona Response Systems. He’s good and he will makes sure it’s right, it came out for a reason so something is or was loose. He will check it out.
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