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    Quote Originally Posted by jlwilliams View Post
    Agreed and taken a step further. Wearing these all the time as part of your base line would be counter productive. Throughout your day we get photographed and we buy stuff and generally live our lives in a way that is tracked. That's life in the modern world. If one were wearing these while living a normal modern life, that would label "the guy with the anti surveillance glasses" as a known individual. That would be a followable trail of bread crumbs.
    Yep, pretty much.

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    Flagging this for interest.

    Stuff like this could be very useful for some of the work one of the companies I'm with is involved in and that's probably all I should say about it save for it's not illegal and very much on the moral high ground but comes with risk of surveillance by... shall we say... non-governmental organizations.

    IR light works well on cameras but requires active emissions and IR Light is visible to many cameras so it's like a tracer in that it points both ways until you make the hit.

    For wireless cameras, 2.4GHz is still dominant and those connections are easily identified and killed with inexpensive, readily available, and covert deauthers.... the camera isn't useful when it's connection to the DVR is killed. I think I paid $60 or so for my deauther.

    I've only been playing with the electronic side of this kind of thing for about a year now so this thread definitely has my interest. I can see quite a bit of use for stuff like this since not all cameras are wireless and not all wireless cameras are as easy to deauth as others are.
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    Fascinating. Here's hoping I can get prescription lenses with those.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boricua View Post
    Fascinating. Here's hoping I can get prescription lenses with those.

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