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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    Good questions need to be asked regularly.

    -- ML

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    Default Revist "The Question" often....

    Be may have to commit and make that shot.

    Review Jon's post # 7. Awesome class.All participants were generous and committed.Targets with eyes,ears, and noses obliterated.Steel targets of all sizes ringing out symphonically (yeah spell check it is a damn word correctly spelled).
    Many are able, few are willing .

    Dirty is exactly why you are here.


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    It used to surprise me when people asked my opinion about "cheap handguns" for carry. Stopped being surprised or disappointed. I can't help those people.

    I used to wonder about those people who say not to spend money improving a carry pistol because if you use it you'll lose it to the cops afterwards.

    The answer is the same, from me to them. How much is your life worth to you? Isn't it worth whatever it takes to make your pistol a better tool for the use you intended?

    I resisted the cost of red dots/millling/back up sights for years. Finally my eyes forced me to go red dot (no way I can guarantee my glasses will stay on my face). Sent the first pistol off, got it back after spending as way more than the pistol cost on the RMR, the milling, back up sights and slide refinish. Within the week the second pistol was on it's way out for the same work. Since then I've had it done to two other pistols and I'm about to start on #5 (got the pistol, waiting on the red dot before sending it off for the machine work).

    It works. It just works. Anyone who gives it an honest chance can see/feel the improvement. Some people can't be helped. Lose no sleep over it.

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