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    I don't put much stock into dreams. I don't bother interpreting them because I don't think they mean anything, other than maybe you've been thinking a lot about something that shows up in your dreams. It could be that it's your subconscious trying to tell you something but I think more likely it's just your mind playing for entertainment.

    A friend of mine was into lucid dreaming for a time. Was good at controlling his dreams and manifesting what he wanted within them. Perhaps there was some practical benefits to that...if your dream left you with a good feeling to start the day on a positive note I would say that has some small value. Otherwise...again it just sounds like entertainment. Perhaps entertainment with personal meaning but still little more than entertainment.

    I have never been able to manifest what I want to dream about. I am able to manifest some control though. When I was young, I would frequently get into fights in my dreams...I'd be punching a bad guy to no effect. If I needed to catch someone, I couldn't run. If I needed to get out of the way, I couldn't move. Not a big deal but certainly stressful within the dream (I'm not sure how stress within dreams affects us but I believe less stupid stress is better).

    At some point (in my 20's I think but don't remember), I had a such a dream and within the dream I got fed up. This is bullshit. I know how to hit, I know how to run, and this is MY dream so I can do whatever the hell I want. And I proceeded to beat the hell out of whoever was annoying me.

    After that, I've never had that dream where I can't hit or can't run or move. Much later, I had one dream where a gun wouldn't work...I made the same decision that I wasn't going to put up with such nonsense and have never had such a dream again. Perhaps it is connected but it is now exceedingly rare that I have violent dreams.

    The worst dream I have now is when I'm looking for someone and can't find them.
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    The one I have that always wakes me in a sweat and when I have it I've had bed mates tell me that I grind my teeth and growl in my sleep while having it. It's where I'm gunfighting and the bullets don't work. Never had one where the gun didn't function, and I'm cycling the weapon like a champ, it just doesn't work and run out of reloads. I always wake when I go hands on.
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    Once or twice a year, I used to have a dream that I was trying to shoot a felon but my pistol had a thousand-pound trigger pull. I would just take that as a cue to train more. The last time that dream happened, I transitioned to my AR and emptied 1/2 my mag. Haven't had that dream again in years. Apparently my brain just needed to find an acceptable solution to the problem and then move on.
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    only have 2 dreams gun related but they repeat a couple times a year. 1st - somebody broke into our home, standing at the end of the bed, I awoke to bring my RMR G19 on him and then realized my wife beat me to the trigger break as she unloaded 2 rounds of federal HST 147 JHP into his chest. MY OODA had reset as we both saw the perp didn't go down, still standing and probably on PCP and then like a perfect song and dance we both unloaded our remaining rounds into him, ending with a few into his frying pan. As always when he falls to the ground is when I wake up.

    The other is when I'm visited by the reaper, again in my bedroom by on my side of the bed. I usually tell him to FuKof, again as I raise my RMR19 and attempt to unload into the reaper's brain pan without any success, the reaper just floats there. I proceed yell, "not today, not F'ing TODAY, now F..Off". This dreams happens about 4x's more often than the other, the XO usually wakes me up (punches me) during my profanity session with the reaper. I've been to death's door (before my 20's), not fun to hear about your last rites but that is for another time with some fine spirits.

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