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    Thank you Brent and everyone from SI for having me at this class over the past weekend. This class easily exceeded my expectations from the start. Brent is a true professional and a warrior.
    I only had a few chances to lock up with him until the "final" , but i always took something away from his lessons.
    Simple and highly effective was the tone for the weekend. It worked exceptionally well for me.
    Marco - You are truly f*ckin cool , brother. Each time we were told to find a training partner , i looked forward to sparing with you. You never quit and you made me get way out of my comfort zone to find that next move or next hold.
    Every person in the group is a class act, without exception.
    I could go on for quite a while about how amazing this class is , but to put it plainly - if you carry a gun , you need this f*ckin' class. Period.
    Brent - all i can say is thank you , and that doesnt seem enough.
    I am coming back for more.

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    Great summary, Marco!

    I was planning on writing up an AAR, but needed some time to get my thoughts together. Marco did such a thorough job on his summary that I find I can't say anything better.

    I come from a karate background and my school does little groundwork beyond dropping an opponent to the ground and punching him in the face. I also lift weights on a daily basis. Even so, I did not anticipate the level of mental and physical exertion that this class required. The amount of information packed into this two day class was impressive and getting to experience "in the flesh" a hint of the intensity and stress of a real-life altercation was very eye-opening!

    When I first saw the promo video of Brent fighting Papa, I thought "What did I get myself signed up for?!?" But, as Brent did with the "0-5 Foot Gunfighting" class, he broke everything down into basic components and masterfully reinforced concepts through explanation, repetition, drills, role-playing, "freestyle" grappling, and, my favorite, pausing grappling sessions to discuss in-depth various scenarios the students would find themselves in. As concept layered on concept and I had opportunity to feel over-and-over again the moves Brent taught, I began to feel more comfortable on the ground and more comfortable with the idea of problem solving at high(ish)-speed. While I was far from the skill levels of most of the other students, I gained confidence in my ability to obtain and access these new tools in my tools box and to understand how to apply them. I was pleased that I could at least "doggy paddle" by the end of class and keep up with the more skilled students. By the end of class, Brent had woven all of these basic moves and fight principles into the "Changing Levels" kata that we could then take home and practice on our own to refine our ground-fighting skills. The class layout and flow was obviously well thought-out!!

    I was also pleased at how much overlap there was between this class and the "0-5 Foot Gunfighting" class. This gave me a chance to review previously learned concepts. We had an opportunity to practice the diagonal lines kata and review some stand-up work. It didn't occur to me until after the class why this material was integrated and that is because the first principle of ground fighting is... DON'T GO TO THE GROUND! If you don't have the skills to keep yourself off the ground or to recover from being on the ground, you really don't have a complete system! Dovetailing the two components of the fight was, again, a testament to how well this training system has been thought out.

    Rounding out the learning experience were the talented martial artists from NWMA who trained with us: Jeff, Chris, and Kelly. Grappling with an experienced fighter is a much different experience than grappling with someone who is learning along side of you. The insights they gave into the details of the art were invaluable. On top of this was the added benefit of fighting with and listening to the tales of men who have BTDT, such as Marco, Papa, Ted and the several other military/LE persons represented in the group. They really reinforced the importance and seriousness of what we were learning by sharing lessons that had been learned in blood. I feel honored and humbled to have been able to train alongside such gentlemen-warriors.

    Thanks to all who made this class what it was: both the instructors and students. I was honored to train with all of you. Thank you, Brent, for so generously giving of your time and talents to make us better fighters and better men. I look forward to training with you again!

    In summary, if you haven't taken this class or "0-5 Foot Gunfighting", you are missing out on a serious set of skills and on a seriously impressive learning experience. You can not learn this stuff by book or video; you have to feel it to understand it. Yes, this class is challenging and intense, but again, it was a super-rewarding experience!


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