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    Excellent. Wish I could be in two places at once. Good luck with the class!

    Here’s my Saturday morning...


    Some good symbolism in that pic, appropriate for PGF today.
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    My Saturday morning is more mundane. We got a ton of snow yesterday so I am going to go shovel my parents drive way again after having done it yesterday afternoon. Its easier to shovel it as it comes down when you get a bunch.
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    An hour running the snow blower

    A short HIT workout

    big assed omelette

    Work around the house that needs to be done

    off to work for a little bit.
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    I’m just chillin....
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    I took my son to a practice shoot with the high school
    shooting team that I get to help with & sponsor. It was
    beautiful in the snow this am. It's great to to still live
    in a state where this sport/lifestyle is still promoted
    by our educational system, but I know that it can
    change over night.

    God Speed Virginian's!

    If the snow keeps up I will be plowing driveways
    this evening for some of my neighbors.

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    I joined Gabe on Saturday morning. This was my third time seeing the material, I did the one day class a few years ago, the two day iteration presented by Gabe, Jonathon and Greg about a year and a half ago, and this class taught by Gabe. I brought 3 of my friends along that needed to hear this vitally important information. Even though this was my third time, I learned new material and insights. I also reinforced and solidified lessons and information I had learned before. The key to this class was the small size. It promoted a great deal of discussion and the opportunities to go down a few bunny trails. It also allowed a great deal of individual work on 911 micro-statements, initial interview and investigative interview techniques. I highly recommend this vital class and if you have the opportunity to take it multiple time, it is worth time and treasure investment.
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