The VA legislature passed a resolution to set up a commission to redistrict VA. Last time it was done by an out of stater from CA of all places. That really screwed up some of the elections/seats/candidates during the last election.

Well, maybe some people were upset about it enough to put some pressure on our legislators. The speaker of the house of delegates, a dim/lib/prog/socialist used her authority as speaker to veto the house resolution. A similar resolution in the state senate passed. When it "crossed over" to the house of delegates it passed with some dems voting with the republicans.

The resolution will put it on the ballot to allow VA citizens to vote on it this fall. The commission will be comprised of 8 members of the state legislature and 8 citizens of the state of VA. The commission will decide matters of redistricting the state for the next state elections in a couple years.

This may not go anywhere, then again, if people don't forget what the dims/libs/progs/socialist have and are doing, maybe it will pass.

They (dims/libs/progs/socialists) have already sent a bill to old blackface raising the state tax on gasoline by 5 cents a gallon this year and a possible 5 cents a gallon next year. The more they do to piss people off, the more people should be willing to go vote them out of office. We hope.