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    Default Va shooting ranges

    So considering current situation in va figured this would be an appropriate place to put this. (if not mods please move). So I've lost the private area i had to shoot with here recently and looking for a new range. Anyone know of any in the swva/wv/east tn area? Would love to find one that actually lets you move and shoot instead of limiting me to being stationary but legit need new range.
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    Check Beckley Gun Club. com & facebook. All outdoor, 600+ acres. Annual membership is $150 and you get a gate key. Range up to 500yds. Several ranges with 5 pistol bays w/ berms on 3 sides. Much of the time you might have all 600 acres to yourself.

    We're 6 miles off Exit 28 on I-77 (28 miles north of the VA line). Checking a map we'll be south of Beckley just west of Cool Ridge, WV. PM for more if interested.
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