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    I'd rank them almost in your order, with the most critical at the top and then as I go down the list they become less of a "need" and more of a "want". Higher in the list = more likely to be used, and higher items can overlap down, but lower items don't overlap up as much:

    1. small handgun, because it's most likely to be always there even if I'm just lounging around the house in minimal clothing

    2. compact handgun (1 and 2 are close to a tie, easily could switch position)

    3. shotgun

    4. short SMG

    5. short rifle

    6. longer rifle

    7. even longer rifle

    That being said, this is in the context of "normal" life. When you cross the line to consider breakdown of civil society, whether a Katrina or something worse, then the items lower on the list become much more important, which is why I still want them in the safe!

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    1st most important would have to be my 19. I will always have it with me and it can stretch into a wide variety of roles.
    2nd would have to be a shotgun. For home defense or other roles.
    3rd would be some form of ar pattern rifle. I feel like that is the most customizable platform dependent on mission/role and for my needs its what suits me best.
    All the other platforms are just wants. Also I would put compact pistols on the list somewhere but I fortunately don't have a need to "scale down" I will still get one just for options sake.

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    We are all on the same page it seems.

    I have close to thirty pistols...some are personal heirlooms and others are wants. What seems to be in my belt most of the time is a Suarez Guttersnipe 17. A 17 frame cut and shaped to accept G-19 magazines, with a Type 2 RM06. Second is a Suarez G19 Street Comp. 34 length slide with a 19 frame. It is as close to a laser gun with zero recoil as you can get. Boringly easy to hit things with. I have 17s and they usually only see use in class or in winter...but the 19 frame size seems to be much easier to conceal. And I have 19s but the length of the slide is actually irrelevant when properly concealed. I may as well have a longer slide and barrel for the balance it provides.

    The second line is one of our Pointman 12 gauge weapons. One sits by the bed, and one by the desk at HQ...and anything/anyone that selects our HQ for nefarious actions will leave this earth with a body so destroyed that even the angels will be shocked.

    The rifles are all for the back country in my POV. One rides in the Jeep. But the ability to get it out and running quickly is important and I have found that the 10.5" barreled 5.56 and an 8.5" 300 BO are far easier to deploy from a vehicle than anything with a longer barrel. I have written extensively about why I do not use anything shorter than 10.5" on a 5.56.

    My bolt guns and 16", 20" rifles do not seen the field often. In all honesty...if I have the free time to go and shoot live fire I will probably do it with something that has wider applications for me such as a pistol, an AR Pistol or a short Pointman.

    Oh...and I don't recall the last time I fired a round from a 7.62x39.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post

    1. Full size and compact Handguns.
    Role: Personal defense or secondary to a long gun. Niche: Most likely to be carried concealed or duty wear. Envelope: 0-100m+

    2. Subcompact small size handguns.
    Role: Deep cover concealment or secondary to the above. Niche: smaller footprint/weight for real NPE or as a secondary. Envelope: 0-25m

    3. Shotguns
    Role: Home defense/vehicle weapon. Niche: Queen of the pistol fight, brings a lot of power to the fight, shines in CQB and low/no light. Envelope: 0-25m+ with buck, 100+ for slugs.

    4. Pistol caliber rifles or as I call them...SMG
    Role: Personal defense/offensive weapon. Potential carried as support weapon for long range systems. Niche: CQB/Urban warfare/vehicles/confined spaces/covert carry, with lower penetration than a rifle round. Envelope: Slightly further than the hand gun 0-150m+

    5. Short SBR-esque rifle caliber weapons.
    Role: Personal offensive/defensive weapon. Potentially carried as support weapon for long range systems. Niche: CQB/Urban/Backpack/covert transport/vehicle, with a more effective round than the SMG. Envelope: 0-300m+

    6. Full length rifle caliber weapons (16" barrel or longer).
    Role: General purpose platform/DMR. Support role for secondary shooter to long range systems. Niche: Field use and general purpose, basically passible for everything but great at nothing. Envelope: 0-500m+

    7. Full length rifles with high powered optics.
    Role: Field and precision. Niche: Long range precision shots and observation, support system for assault force. Envelope: 0-1000m+ depending on configuration and platform.
    Mine based on the way I see it.
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    In my current state in life, the most important are my J-frame and my G19. The J frame since I work in a NPE and I can keep it with me unobtrusively, and the G19 for when I'm not in a NPE. I have a lot of handguns that I enjoy shooting and looking at, but those 2 are my daily 'sword and dagger.' I also have a 1911 that I wear in a shoulder holster if I'm going to be driving a long distance, but that's an exception rather than the rule.

    What have overlapping missions and of those, which would you likely choose for each application? For the possibility of personal defense, the G19 and J frame overlap, but I would prefer the G19.

    Based on a realistic perusal of realistic types, locations, and nature of likely contacts, what would I most likely use in a fight? Either my J frame or G19, unless there's a home invasion, in which case it's shotgun all the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    So all of that your current state in life, what are the most important to you?

    What have overlapping missions and of those, which would you likely choose for each application?

    And based on a realistic perusal of realistic types, locations, and nature of your likely contacts, what will you most likely use in a fight?
    Order of importance to me:

    Most important is my EDC SI G19 or G17 with chopped grip.

    Second: Stakeout/PointMan. I have one of each. These are home defense and truck tools.

    Third is the Seecamp as backup or NPE.

    Fourth: Glock PDW in the role of SMG. These held the role of home defense when there were kids living in the house. Still do when grandkids come to stay.

    Fifth: (Not on the list) Ruger Charger pistol on a chassis with an arm brace and suppressor. Quietly dispatching unwanted yard pests...and mafiosos (little call for the latter).

    Sixth: Threaded bolt gun for hunting and precision shooting entertainment. I've yet to be called upon to be a sniper.

    Seventh: 45-70 (not on the list but should have been) for puttering in bear country, hunting in brush and for convincing apocalyptic mutant biker zombies that they should have barreled down my driveway in something more substantial than a pickup truck. A PointMan with a slug could do all the same things but wouldn't be as cool.

    Sadly, my numerous AR pistols and rifles have no role in my life. Maybe if the apocalypse comes they'll let me work the road block at the edge of town or something. OR maybe the Chinese will invade and I can shoot at them for a minute before they blow me up. In the mean time, I can kill jihadist rock chucks and coyotes with them.

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    Last year the two guns I fired the most were my G19 and my Marlin 1895 45-70. My G19 because that is always with me and even when practicing with it most of it was at 100 yards on half sized steel. So called normal ranges like 5 yards are so boringly easy it wasn't any fun. My AR's are the same way. Shooting them was becoming boring. I have practiced to the point it wasn't fun but just a confirmation that they still functioned. One of the best things I ever did was trade into my 45-70. It brought the excitement back. I put over 500 rounds of 45-70 down range last year; the bruised shoulders were exhilarating. As a bonus like 95% of the skills transfer to the other guns. I haven't shot my M14 in 2 years but I could pick it up, run a few dry manipulations, and be back in the grove. Lever guns and shotguns? Bullets go in the bottom of one and the side of the other. The only reason I am at this point though is because I put in the work and etched it into my being. I am ok with that. My SIRT gun also sees a ton of action every day.

    I'd be remiss if I didn't acknowledge that a large part of that is due to the people here.
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    Neat range trip we will
    let you discover what REAL recoil is.

    416’s and 470’s for you lad.
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